24th March 2023.

Before I get on to business, I see MumsNet is finally tackling the BIG issues.

The correct answer is, of course, to eat it cold after leaving it on the side for two (2) days. And stick to Singapore Rice, you philistine.

Back to last Friday. I dread the rural Lincolnshire Good Beer Guide entries, I really do. They’re often dull dining pubs with tired beer and disinterested drinkers.

Worst of all is the clutch of pubs between Lincoln and the Sleaford mods known as North Kesteven, surely the least interesting district in the whole UK, And I lived in a dull one for 50 years.

Wiki says;

Escutcheon. Per chevron Vert and Sable on a chevron Or between in chief two bars wavy the nether issuant Argent surmounted of a demi eagle issuant displayed wings inverted Or and in base an oak tree issuant fructed Or three estoiles Sable.

No idea what Escutcheon is. Luckily, I had Mrs RM with me to help tackle the two newbies in Bassingham and Nocton last week,

and I think she’ll agree the big Lincolnshire skies at dusk were the highlight.

The Bugle Horn in Bassingham is yet another example of a plain, well run, friendly village pub new in the GBG.

CAMRA Discourse today would have you believe that all CAMRA members care about is quantity and choice.

In the Bugle Horn you get Welbeck and Old Speckled Hen. I think we were the only cask drinkers.

Polite dining room by the car park entrance, slightly more boisterous Prosecco and Pravha dowing in the Public. “Weeeeeeyyyyyyy” shouted someone, apropos of nothing.

“Your Speckled Hen is off” said Mrs RM, “mine is lovely”.

The Hen WASN’T off (NBSS 3+), but taking back that beer in Sedgefield has really gone to her head.


  1. Heraldry geeks are clearly similar to IT ones, like when you ask “how do you couple this printer to the wifi?”

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”, gawd love us.


  2. come on you can do better than that

    Girlfriend in a Cromer

    Frankly Mr Shanklin (IOM)

    Portsmouth strikes again


  3. Wasn’t Old Speckled Hen a fairly dark beer? Is that by any chance Gold Speckled Hen, or some such play upon words?

    If so, I think some of these golden beers taste off to me because my taste buds misinterpret the sweetness for an off flavour. Maybe Christine has similarly discerning taste buds?


    1. Old Crafty Hen’s the really good one, a blended beer that includes some aged Greene King 5X
      strong ale.


      1. I’ll have to give that Old Crafty Hen go if I see it. There are also Old Golden Hen and Old Hoppy Hen, but I noticed when looking at photos of bottles of Old Speckled Hen online (yes, I know, how sad) that it is looking quite a bit lighter in colour than the last time I saw it in a glass. (Which must have been before Covid, and possibly even as long ago as September 2018.)


      2. Will,
        I only ever found an Old Crafty Hen in the Shakespeare’s Head during what Tim described as a “Beer Festival” at least ten years ago. Never though in the four Greene King pubs within four hours of me.

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