31st January 2023.

50 odd years after my first sighting of the ocean (possibly at Aldeburgh) there’s still a thrill about arriving at the sea. Sadly, Sheffield has many great features but the sea isn’t one of them.

Bridgend may have limited charms, but the resorts and coastal villages are as good as anywhere, as certainly better that the East Anglian coast.

Next stop Southerndown and the cliffs at Dunraven Park*,

where the eponymous hotel stands bereft, possibly awaiting conversion to an Escape Room or Brunning & Pricey, possibly the same thing.

The village sign indicates the sort of custom they’re trying to attract here, people with staffs and OS maps.

Those weren’t the folk on evidence in the Three Golden Cups though,

an immaculate all-rounder with a proper wall sign.

Always good to enter a pub with exemplary musical taste.

OAPs and locals, cycling on the big screen, a couple of local beers on the pumps, a terrific welcome considering I was nipping in for a quick half rather than the fish and chip custom pubs need to survive winter.

No idea what it was, but I recall the word “Cwr” which hopefully narrows it down. Cool and clear, NBSS 3 stuff.

Thanks a lot” called as I left, always a good sign.

Gorgeous Welsh coastline, shared with about a dozen others. Life is Sweet. And somewhere over those cliffs lay my next pub, and one you may well have heard of.

I can see you looking at What Pub right now to work it out.

*Photo By Owengwynne – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=31523383


      1. Well, since you (didn’t) ask, if you search for ‘Cwrw’ on Untappd, there are around 10 breweries with it in the name, discounting homebrewers, and tens if not hundreds of beers. There’s even Cwrw’r Ddraig Aur* (Golden Dragon Beer) by Robinsons (probably a re-badge).

        *As you know, it should actually be ‘Euraidd’ (Golden) not ‘Aur’ (Gold)

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