30th January 2023.

With the Bristol cider pub closed and the Bass pub put of Bass, I succumbed to the inevitable and visited the “local recommended” preemptive for my 6th pub of the night.

I’d never heard of the Hatchet, tucked away near the statue of the bloke with the dolphin.

It’s the oldest pub in Bristol, they claim, but none if my readers were about to authenticate that claim so I reckon the Brew Dog still edges hit.

Nothing odd about ancient pubs gracing the Guide, of course; both the Shakespeare and the Llandoger coming from nowhere to GBG glory recently.

But the Hatchet is a JW Bassett pub, which normally means cheery pub grub and cheap Doom Bar. Not that that’s a bad thing.

In Bristol, it means cheery pub grub, Iron Maiden and Wiper & True plus Moor on handpump.

The Moor was, say my notes, sensational.

Despite the only table being a high stool, I thought it was wonderful.

And the leather! And the music !

Was there a metal gig on later ?

Apparently not. Like the Gryphon over the road, it was just a metal head friendly pub.

In the Gents, an Italian lad hung on grimly to his pint of Trooper, convinced it would otherwise be poisoned. Better safe than sorry, Antonio.

4 thoughts on “NO HATCHET JOB

  1. Ah, so that’s what it looks like from the front.

    Mrs. E and I went in the back way and forgot to turn round when we left – or maybe it’s that I’ve learnt not to catch the eye of any bouncer.

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  2. The status of “oldest pub in Bristol” is hotly debated. The Rummer had a good claim, having been the “Green Lattis” in thirteen -oatcake but it’s currently shut. The Hatchet and the Shakespeare (Victoria Street) claim to be the oldest buildings but the King’s Head claims to have the oldest continuous license. Who knows? Who cares?


    1. Actually the back bar of the Rummer is still open but as a poncey wine bar. The front bar where they used to have Bass and Pedi is still shut as far as I know.

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