I knew August was hot, but just look at the state of Waterbeach’s village green on my trip back to see my parents the week before the First Big Assault On The Highlands.

I try to get back every week to see my Mum and Dad, staying till they get bored of me, which normally comes after I’ve got the weekend takeaways.

Mum has taken a liking to WBK (Waterbeach Best Kebabs), which has upset Chung Hwa a bit.

The kebab van and its moustachioed owner have been fixtures opposite the Sun for as long as I lived back in Waterbeach (20 years), and I miss them, a bit.

You say “Large chicken, medium mixed, all the salad please” and toddle across the Sun while they grill the chicken (the “doner” comes from the doner machine, obviously).

No idea why, but this Saturday night I went left at the door and had a quick pint in the Public, after checking the pumps in the Lounge.

Perhaps there was football on in the Public. Perhaps I wanted to see the Giant Charity Bottle. Perhaps I wanted the outdoor loo you access out the back.

Whatever. Change is good. So I stuck with Black Sheep.

The Sun is back in the GBG for 2023, and there aren’t many pubs like The Sun with beers you’ve heard of, which just shows how good they keep the beer (NBSS 3.5+).

I sneaked the kebabs in a plastic bag past Chung Hwa, hoping they wouldn’t notice, and carved up 2 kebabs between the 3 of us. Unlike Chinese takeaways, kebabs don’t improve overnight. But they’re great fresh, will a little bit of garlic mayo. Gentlefolk love condiments.

That’s not a rogue finger they found in the pitta bread, by the way.


    1. Oh, and that one hasn’t got a bus pass – but I forgot there’s a six year wait after a Senior Railcard for one.


  1. The most enjoyable doner kebabs that Mrs. E and I ever had was after the walk back from a meal with vegetarian friends – at a restaurant of their recommendation. And with all the salad etc.


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