One of my last pre-Covid pub crawls was round Congleton with the inimitable Stafford Paul.

Paul wouldn’t have appreciated this trip to a new micro bar/cafe, though he’s have enjoyed the locals waving at him from their windows.

A colourful, vibrant little town, much enhanced by the new street art.

And if the Little Shop had been open I’d have bought Russ the yellow sign;

I actually had my normal Sunday tea (chicken bites, £4.45) in the characterless Spoons here. But who needs character when you can get a pint at 9am, eh ?

Back at the station, I realised I’d actually walked past the Wonky Pear last year and thought “Ooh, micro, GBG cert“, but on that occasion I was rushing for the train to Stoke to complete Staffs. If we’d known what was round the corner we’d have lingered, I’m sure. Slow down, folks.

Wonky Pear, odd name, but to my mind more distinctive than “Hop & Kettle”, “Tap & Pot” or “No. 61 @ Rowland’s”.

Downstairs there were lots of exuberant children, and a bid decision for their parents about cake choices (top).

A pub for young families and nostalgics alike;

Oh, and the sort of inducement to work in the pub that Mrs RM would have appreciated when she did a stint at Cheshire Building Society 2 decades ago (perhaps with unlimited beer instead of coffee).

Because of the children I couldn’t bring you much “bar action”., but you’ll have to take my word that with its cake, naff pop and indecipherable joke about President Chirac I thought it rather charming.

And you can see from the lacings, the Bear Town Glacier (3.5) meant it deserves its place in the GBG as this year’s slice of “modern Congleton”.

Back to Bass next.


  1. With so many apparently wanting to work from home on a more regular basis, I wonder how many bars have the space/infrastructure for that kind of offer? If it’s only a few minutes walk down the road and avoids commuting, could be a winner all round for some.

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  2. I had an interview for a job with the Cheshire Building Society almost exactly twenty years ago. I wasn’t successful, but on reflection it sounded as though it could have been an awkward situation best avoided.

    However, I did pick up a tiny black plush cat which to this day still sits on the arm of my settee >^..^<

    Their logo, of course, was a black cat.

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