Getting that first pick tick in Kendal lifted a weight off my shoulders, like hitting a six after four dot balls at the start of The Hundred (powerful metaphor I feel).

It was now 4pm and I knew that Fell Bar and Factory Tap would be open soon, they promised, so I’d at least get 3 ticks sneaked away from Cumbria. But with “difficult” connections between the station and Oxenhope to head back to Manchester how could I best use my time ?

Well, by drinking too much, I guess.

I thought I’d been in the tiny and charming Fell Bar before, but it was actually Burgundy’s Wine Bar next door. Though I had been in the Fell Bar in Penrith. Us tickers need an intern to sort our record-keeping out.

Not many photos, but I can tell you that “Whats Going On” segued effortlessly into “Graceland“, just as Marvin Gaye intended, and as I finished a superb Milk Stout (3.5) the whole pub (all 5 of us) were singing along to the Paul Simon classic, which says something I guess.

Back at the Factory Tap where I’d had a mild hissy fit that they were shut an hour earlier,

I panicked a bit at the sight of a crowd, but luckily the outside tables cleared as I approached.

Another pint of that Fell Milk Stout, again lovely, and the really rather odd sight of a constant flow of cars crawling through the narrow lanes of the factory at 16:45. The A6 was closed so traffic was being directed through the clutter, apparently.

D’ya want a pint while yer waiting ?” shouted the other drinker (who knew everyone driving through) to the guy in a Porsche*. He seemed tempted.

It was a jolly atmosphere, a bloke with a Marseille FC shirt wandered in looking bemused as I attempted a conversation about bouillabaisse, and I picked a half of something strong and crafty and inadvisable which no doubt will recognise from the head you get when expertly decanted into a pint glass.

Somehow brilliant, and I loved the fact that they describe their year out of the GBG (2020) as a year in the doldrums.

*It was probably a Ferrari; I know nothing about cars.


  1. I wouldn’t have bothered, but this post is looking so forlorn with no comments, so here goes.

    That Fell Milk Stout 5.2% seems to have caused the Factory Tap’s sign to tilt one way and the door to tilt the other. Or was this deliberate? If the latter, you can have 0.5 Kudos.

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