Despite having (checks spreadsheet) about 27.8 more pubs to write about in June, let’s bring you the monthly highlights package before Dave complains.


Oooh, Manchester AND Scotland in the same month. Is that allowed ?


As the map illustrates, a focus on the Midlands and the Pennines before a late burst across the border.

That early season localism was due to these folks;

Yes, the in-laws came up from Royal Tunbridge Wells for fourteen (14) nights and became the only other people drinking cask all month. (OK, apart from that Sheffield Hatter). By sticking to my carefully curated itinerary, they became the first people to take any notice of my advice since 1992.

We had a good time, exploring Greater Sheffield and raving about the fish and chips at Elsecar’s Milton Arms and the Eritrean grub at Beteseb.

Actually, some GREAT food in June, and some wonderful views still to bring you from Argyll and Halifax, but frankly nowhere looked as good as Manchester in midsummer when I celebrated losing my last teenager with Matt by the Islington Marina.


An odd month. I wasn’t happy about the in-laws fourteen (14) night trip as it would restrict my “numbers”, but with that boost in Scotland I still managed sixty-nine (69) pubs of which forty-five (45) were new GBG ticks.

And most of those were pints, because pints save pubs.

45 ticks a month is 540 a year, fact fans, the sort of run rate you need to finish the Guide in your lifetime.

Of course, those last 3 ticks in places like Ayrshire are the hardest, as Rod Stewart sang.

Anyway, I’ve had FUN, FUN, FUN, and at many times seemed oddly back to normal, albeit a bit too quiet as Beer Twitter continued to generate fake outrage and stay at home sipping sours in their onesies.

Pub of the Month – Cob & Coal, Oldham

I think this was the point I realised that there was hope for micropubs. A wonderful drinking hole, with top curry cafe next door. Oldham looked magical.

Beer of the Month – Blue Bee at the Kelham Island Tavern

Literally the last beer of the month, and I may have been influenced by the England-Germany scoreline, or the quality of the company, or the wonder of having a table to myself in the Tavern, but I scored it a 5. My crimes against conservative NBSS scoring will be tried in the Hague.


I really need to get cracking with Wales, where I really lag behind, but Mrs RM is bored of visiting pubs, and after Scotland who can blame her ?

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