If you’re reading this you’re not watching football, and you’re alreet with me.

This is what we call the “set up” post, as there’s no pubs in it but it provides a vital link to a string of pubs in Argyll.

From Newton Stewart we headed to our campervan overnight stop in Kirkcolm, which you’ve already heard about.

A night in nearby Stranraer would have cost us more than we were willing to pay. Oh, there are no hotels in Stranraer anyway.

Our stay was free, and quiet, and only disturbed when someone needed a wee at 4am.

You’ll be glad to see that cars round here are legally required to carry an official Nessie.

In the morning we set off for the magical lands of Ayrshire, safe in the knowledge that Pubmeister was on tour, and only stopped after 2 hours for a Greggs Lorne sausage baguette in Girvan (photo censored). Greggs breakfasts are the wonder of the world.

Girvan looks like a keg lovers heaven.

Perhaps in a decade or so it’ll all be micropubs selling warm Deuchars. Perhaps not.

Perhaps in a decade or so we’ll understand the Scottish Government Covid restrictions.


  1. Funnily enough we meant to stay in Girvan in 2019 for the Parkrun but had to cancel. Remember thinking no pubs worth visiting except the micro where Alisa Craig was landlady, but the railway station was worth having a look at.


  2. Many days spent in Girvan where my grandparents lived and my parents retired there…some years ago the Royal did Cask but no demand ..the Queens Hotel has a quirky bar and the owner used to keep a good selection of Ales in bottle
    Typically Isle of Arran, Deuchars , Speckled hen , Hobgoblin for a very reasonable £3..

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      1. The Arran brewery was shut for a time but in recent years seem to be thriving again..excellent Blonde and Dark plus an Oatmeal Stout ..oh and a nutty ale Red Squirrel !

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  3. Quite like Girvan. Took part in a bird survey on Ailsa Craig from there in a small boat. Looking through binoculars to do a count while the boat is circling in choppy waters is guaranteed to bring on nausea. Been a couple of cask ones there over the years, notably the Royal as previously pointed out. Smart football ground on the way in too.

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