I’ve given up the proper blogging from the van. You try loading Bing maps on a phone.

But I’m legally obliged to bring you a post a day so here’s a real corker with an Irish Government feel.

The beer is flat, but fresh, and tasty.

The copper tables are perfect, though the perspex obscures the Holland v Czechs being ignored by Tennents Man and Guinness Man, who are making the sort of joke about Brokeback Mountain that you don’t get in woke Brew Dogs.

This town of 9,000 has three GBG entries, so luckily we’re parked here tonight.

If there’s a ticket on the campervan tomorrow morning I’ll contest it.

The pint seemed to cost £2.70, so I’ll take the risk. Small price for a tick.

Anyway, back to Mrs RM drinking Prosecco in Spoons. Such a letdown.

7 thoughts on “ANOTHER MYSTERY PUB

  1. Err…, McCoalville?

    We’ll be looking back at that safety hazard tape with dewy-eyed nostalgia in years to come. I hope it’s listed…


  2. So does the “S” on the beer glass stand for “Stormont” then? I spent some time looking for a brewery with that logo.


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