Sometime I don’t think my readers realise how difficult it is, making a micropub in a dull Midlands suburb sound remotely interesting.

18 months ago I visited the beer festival at the Pot Hole in Allestree, making much of it being a micro in what was one of Europe’s largest shopping centres.

I didn’t expect to have to make a return trip for the very next GBG, so used up all my material on that trip. Luckily, Life After Football is an Allestree expert and has no less than THREE posts on this unassuming suburb of 13,622 souls. Including one on an Ember Inn.

I really wanted to show you why should you leave pubby Sheffield when your in-laws threaten to relocate and come to north Derby, but I guess you may need more than a Chinese takeaway, a good chippy, a pub selling Bass (allegedly) and TWO micropubs.

No. 189 seems to be a residential house with a huge canopy and a row of pot plants down the side (it’s actually the Co-op’s floral display).

All the beautiful people of Allestree are sipping Prosecco outside this former beauticians, but obviously I head inside for the high tables as I love high tables. Nice map of Allestree’s many highlights on the wall.

Actually, it’s the only table left, and I feel a bit about hogging a table for four so I don’t hang around with my order by app.

YES, you do see SIX beers on the bar in a micropub seemingly majoring on gin, Prosecco and posh lager, but at least the beer (NBSS 2.5, the one right of the Salopian) doesn’t need tipping in the pot plants.

I can’t fault the set-up, or the staff, who are efficient and charming. And it’s nice to see folk like Donna saying on Facebook “So excited ðŸ˜† I had my outfit ready for tonight! ” Yes, people dress UP, not DOWN, to go to the pub in Derby.


  1. I’ve not been to that one! Good effort sir 👍 I believe the woodlands next door has some decent estate credentials as well 😎


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