I have a confession to make. For my next trip, I took a bus.

Syston to Mountsorrel won’t feature on many “classic UK journeys”, but it does connect two new Guide pubs, and in 2021 that makes it the Trans Siberaian Express of the GBG.

Mountsorrel boasta granite quarries and canalside pubs, a visit by John Wesley, one of only 3,729 villages in which Wesley preached (I’ve been to 2,807 of them), and some great hillside views;

And there’s this weird Neolithic graffiti; I can only discern “No, please”.

Such confusion was evident in the Sorrel Fox, a neat and tidy if modern brewery tap for Charnwood Brewery,

where the chat was all about 21 July, the date when a local had just heard we would DEFINITELY be tearing down the perspex and ripping up the one way systems to once again lick handpumps legally.

I confess, I was sceptical about his optimism and over a Salvation (a crisp NBSS 3) and Sausage Roll combo turned to the more pressing matter of a blog post title.

Soaring to GBG Salvation” I wondered. But where is the River Soar. I didn’t know.

The lady behind the bar was off the Aberystwyth, a place called “Gogyno” or something.

I DID know that. “Ah, the Druid at Goginon !” I said. “You’ll love it“. I’m sure she did.


  1. Such a shame transport is so messed up at the moment, you could have caught the slow train from Syston to Loughborough, taxi across town to the Great Central Station, and chuffed in style the 3 miles (45 minutes, change at Quorn) to Mountsorrel by ‘real’ train (NSTSS 4.75).

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