Monday 29th March was a big day in England. You were allowed to drop litter in public parks again, as in Endcliffe Park yesterday;

And we’re finally allowed out of your own front yard and can (legally) visit honey pot villages like Hathersage over the county border.

Before Monday, such a trip would have produced a £1,000 fine, a strip search* and confiscation of your pork bap by Derbyshire Dales’s finest.

As Mrs RM reminds me we moved ‘oop North to visit places called Over Owler Tor and Whim Plantation (where Hartington IPA is grown), not to walk through rubbish on Sheffield industrial estates.

Hathersage (pop. 1,433) is the first Proper Peak village you reach going west, and vitally for rail travellers a last stop for your craft cans before you reach the beer wilderness of Stockport and Manchester.

We expected a village packed with families queuing for quinoa cake and flat whites at a succession of bakeries, but nothing was open so we had to do a walk instead.

Mrs RM was convinced the pub nearest the car park (£2.50 for 2 hours !!) was called the Blue John but I can assure her it’s the (recent GBG) Little John.

These toy sheep at the “LJ” and the George were as close as we got to actual baby lambs, which was a shame.

In years past we’d drive 200 miles just to see baby lambs in Presteigne and Preston with umbilical cord attached. It’s a niche activity.

2 hours wasn’t enough to match the ambitious plans of folk headed for the Cowper Stone, but a well-worn path to Brookfield Manor and back stretched the calves.

And at last, we found a dog that doesn’t attach Mrs RM. Win/win, as they say in Wincanton.

*Available at extra cost.

13 thoughts on “STAY LOCAL

  1. Praise be! Throwing litter around municipal parks is the thing I’ve missed the most. Of course this is what happens when you tell people they ‘can’, but there’s still basically nothing and nowhere to ‘do’. Open the bleedin’ pubs I say…

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    1. We can bring portaloo we have a bivvy loo and a bog in a bag if you have a preference. Being able to wee standing up is clearly the last bastion of male superiority. So fixed that with a shewee.

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  2. Three nights in Hathersage during April 2019 got me to the Little John and the Scotchmans Pack.
    And the railway line meant I was only about twenty minutes from Humphrey’s OBB in his Brown Bear.


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