It’s a year since Richard Coldwell left us, and I still miss him a lot.

I didn’t know him as well as some, but you can tell a lot from a smile.

Nearly all the photos of him on the Proper Pub days out show a wide beam on his face.

What has Mudgie lost ?

I like to think we introduced Richard to the joys of BBB on trips to Northampton and Rugby, but the truth his that the marvellous beer brewed to mark his passing was pure 6.1% murk.

The Peeler

But ultimately, he was a Pub Man first.

Not sure how he’d have coped with the Lockdown; perhaps he’d have volunteered to  enforce the law in Northamptonshire alleyways, who know ?


Name the pub

My thoughts are with Cheryl and family today.




  1. Yes, Richard was very much a part of our Proper Days Out for twenty months and only yesterday I remembered my shock at opening time in Lewes on 30th June last year when Citra told me he had died.
    I’m sure all our thoughts are with Cheryl and family

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  2. As a newcomer to the Proper Days Out crew, I sadly never had the pleasure of meeting Richard. However, from following his blog, and reading the write-ups about your explorations of various pub-rich, UK towns, I managed to get a feeling for the type of person he was.

    I can see what you mean about his smile Martin, and he really looks all fired up and ready to go in that shot featuring Pete and Mudgie.

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      1. And he was also extremely generous in every way. Time, knowledge and gifts. We only met him a few times, but he shared a lot of all three with us. Beautiful man. Came on like a whirlwind.

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  3. What has Mudgie lost? His hair, by the looks of it 😦

    Richard was a true character, but a complex, multi-layered character as well, and I’m not sure I ever entirely worked out what was sincere and what was joshing.

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