Nice witch. And a cat.  Apart from that the highlights of my return to the Wilbrahams are all thatch, beams and topiary.

So, should you break your journey along the A11 or A14 to see where Wilbraham gets its greatness ?

Little Wilbraham
13 minutes.  Used to take me that long to reach the A14

Probably not if it’s drizzling, to be fair.

Gt Wilbraham
Nice windmill out in the fens, too

It WAS drizzling this afternoon, so all you’re getting today are the beams.  Don’t complain.


Grief, the houses (often converted farms) are big; the gentlefolk must fair rattle around in them.

Once again, our trusty Cambridge CAMRA Guide from 1994 tells us more about the village than anyone since BRAPA Pevsner.

GK IPA stronghold

As you’ll see, the main preoccupation of CAMRA in 1994 was broccoli cask breathers.  Then it became adding guest beers at the Greene King pubs, or microbreweries, as the Carpenters did during its GBG days. Those Crafty beers are now the gastro’s choice in Cambs.

One pub, for 639 people. And it had actually closed just before the Lockdown.

Still looks in good shape though.

Photo: Google Maps

South Cambs village pubs became restaurants with beer after 2007, and restaurants are very marginal things indeed, as I’m afraid we’re about to see.

Still, having a proper pub, one with nice food, in your village must add £50k to house prices so all is not lost.



  1. You’ll never get any complaints from me about photos of lovely old houses. I enjoy the pleasure of admiring them from a distance, content in the knowledge I don’t have to deal with their (wildly expensive, no doubt) upkeep.

    I would like to know more about this scandalous Dr. Watson, though, and what he’d done that resulted in his having to be buried under cover of darkness. Maybe he said publicly that keg was occasionally on par with cask.

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