9th March 2020

National Bass Day coming up on 11 April; I’ve no doubt you’ve all got your orders in to Samlesbury already.

Upset a CAMRA, support Draught Bass.

“Enemy of beer” – CAMRA Discourse

In the Turks Head I had a lively conversation about Bass and Pedi with a lovely bloke who assured me the Imperial always had it on. Sometimes that means always on special occasions.


The signs were good.

Blimey that is gorgeous
Ideal birthday present (22 December)
From 11 April every pub will need one of these

I’d never noticed the Imperial on half a dozen trips to Gloucester, but I bet it would be first on LifeAfterFootball’s hit list.

One roomer, Carling and Guinness drinkers in every corner, “The 39 Steps” competing with FA Cup highlights on multiple screens, Irish racegoers at the bar planning their day at Cheltenhm (I have a hot tip for Tuesday’s Arkle).

And Bass (and Plum Porter too, you little tease).

My two favourite beers !!

Served through a handpump but as flat as an Anfield title celebration.

Just as I like it

Not much to say about the Imperial. It’s a boozer (even WhatPub calls it that) with bench seating.  The Mudgies would love it; Citra would excuse himself.

Even the clock is wrong.  Always a good sign

Cool, flat, tasty.  I veered between a 3 and 3.5, which is pretty good for Monday night. To be clear, I don’t care about the Bass history, heritage, provenance, ownership or whatever.  It’s just a good, occasionally great beer and that should be ALL we care about.

Come on April, drink 5 pints of Bass and watch the whole of The Great Escape on the telly.  You know you want to.




    1. It’s a great facade. There were other good ones.

      You miss a lot, even when you’re as curious as I am.

      The most famous pub in Gloucester is the New Inn. Ancient courtyard inn. Like the George in Borough it’s seen better days.


    2. Gloucester has some attractive bits, notably the Cathedral and the Docks. But the eastern side of the city centre has been heavily redeveloped, and much of it is pretty tatty and down-at-heel. It’s a world away from Bath.


  1. I love that we can now add ‘the clock being wrong’ to the official list of things that are ‘Always a good sign’.

    When reading the text of your “Bass available here” photo I was reminded of when we used to order bottles of Bass at a bar near the college I went to, and we’d read the advertising copy on the beer label. I know it made a big deal about the 1777 founding date. We would sometimes read it out loud, and when we got to the part where they wrote of how the recipe was “jealously guarded,” we would always pause and repeat, “JEALOUSLY guarded.” 🙂


      1. Mark,
        Yes, just like in “Right we’ve got rid of the old pubs, time to build a new one called The Cheshire Cheese” in 1667 a year after the Fire of London. .

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  2. Sadly no Bass this week, just Doom Bar, and almost on the turn Doom Bar too ☹️

    But I can see how it would be great in happier times – definitely my kind of pub 😊

    And there was an annoying ranty drunk, who I profoundly hoped wouldn’t try to talk to me. Fortunately, he didn’t.

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    1. Not having much luck, were you. They had Plum Porter as well as Bass on that week on my visit just before lockdown, and it was the Sharp’s that was turned round ! It’s not really an ale pub, I suspect, but still a must see. Hope you found the Cathedral open (no Bass there, too).


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