Today’s tidy up produced a hoard of 27 new CAMRA magazines for US Dave to collect on his next visit, probably to the Maidenhead Murk Mania In May festival.

Confession: I printed Ullage out off the web for this photo, as the copy I had was dog-eared, but at least it’s not burnt.


No favourites this year, they’re all good, though some acted better as protection against the rain (thanks Notts).

All you ever need to know about Oldham and those other places

If the WiFi isn’t working and there aren’t copies of The Countryman from 1955, the local magazine is what the unsociable pubber relies on to pass 15 minutes with a pint half dregs.

I’m impressed that local branches can produced such quality publications; along with the GBG and WhatPub they’re one of CAMRA’s key campaigning tools.

Nice to have such a good read back in central Manchester,

Bee theme I sense

but of course Stockport has the bonus of the mysterious P Edwardson Esq to give us those honest assessments of beer quality we so love.

“rather past its best”

Stocky (& co) is one of the few branches I’ve seen where you get reports on visits to normal backstreet pubs outside the GBG circuit, and faithful reports on quality.

My local one, with a classic Landlady on the cover

I don’t expect NBSS scores, though they’d be welcome, as I understand they can get misinterpreted by local publicans.

But it would be good to hear more about consistent good quality of stock beers, rather than long lists of one-off beers and ABVs; that’s what Imbiber is for.

Great photo, Wolves CAMRA

Also, I don’t want pubs scored by their discounts offers, but I’m sure that’s a topic best debated, endlessly, on Discourse.

What does impress me is little guides like this one in Maldon, a little late for Joan and Dave’s visit, which writes about ALL of the local pubs, real or keg. It’s a joy.


Anyway, Dave, they’re waiting for you in a Lidl bag underneath the milk empties.


      1. LAF,
        Imagine Dizzy Blonde and Top Totty as lesbian pub customers – and that’s why you won’t have seen it !


      1. Some branches discourage pub tourism articles, but obviously I like them a lot. Preferable to articles where six blokes go on a bus trip to local pubs and record the full name, ABV and price of every beer on the bar and take photos of themselves outside with glasses raised.

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  1. That Edwardson guy is a rock star. I am always amazed at the quality of the CAMRA magazines. We never visit an area without reading through all of the local magazines. We see stuff I would never find any other way. When people question the value of CAMRA they really don’t realize some of its tangential value. Great stuff. On our way once Dick’s shoulder heals. Valley of Beer is on our current route. Those Midlands beckon as well.

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  2. There is a certain amount of diplomacy involved in the descriptions of beer quality, of course. “A little past its best” may be a euphemism for “approaching vinegar”.

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  3. My favourite is Hereford Hopvine. Very pub focussed, an area I’m very interested in, and a good cider coverage too. The adverts can be as useful as the articles…
    Most of them are happy to take our own long-form blogging efforts, though I’ve never managed to get anywhere near below the miniscule word count that Tiny Pint in Rutland insist on.


  4. Have a look at Canny Bevvy online st Northumberland CAMRA. Good article from Hughie in Winter 2019 edition. Many mentions of the Doom Bar lookalike.


  5. If Dave has room in his case, and doesn’t mind exceeding his baggage allowance, I’m sure I could better your paltry total of 27 mags, Martin.

    I won’t be lugging them up to Burton next month, though! 😁


  6. Glad you like Beer Buzz, although my contributions currently are proof reading and a few photos, I do think we produce a very good magazine.
    Fancy writing something for us Martin? Could be about camper vans, or a gig review? (Combining the two were you ever a fan of Campervan Beethoven? One of the two gigs I’ve been to – the other was Spacemen 3 at the Boardwalk – most of the audience sat on the floor for most of the proceedings)

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