Three to go to finish this;`


Note the effort to provide the contrasts in colour in those two photos.

The travel map for the last three gets a bit messy.


You’d left me in Lewisham, waiting for the short journey to London Beer Dispensary, one of those pubs that Deserter write about but which you can’t quite place.

I could have walked but the Travelcard costs ยฃ23 and you need to get the most out of it and conserve energy for the rush to Kings Cross station later.

Vrockley park

Brockley (or Crofton Park, or Ladywell) has had a few GBG entries, but none as crafty as the Dispensary.

STILL raining
Inevitable woolly hats and furry dogs

I increase the average age by 3.7 years and am the only customer not wearing a bobble hat,

Man nervously awaiting imminent BRAPA visit

but they’re very friendly and still serve me a decent half of “Jack“,just like in the K$sha song.

ALWAYS go for the one called SPECIAL

It’s warm and cosy and they have imported the special Christmas version of Paulaner. I can tell that because of the hat.


Nice place, as is the next one.

Apart from Frankie Howerd and his club, Eltham is best known for the grass covered loos neighbouring the church. In preparation for their conversion to a micropub “Bursting for a Beer” they were shut.

A design classic

The loos in the classy McDonalds across the road were open, and playing Vivaldi, which I guess is better than Handel’s Water Music.

Now, I hope you don’t start worrying about me when I tell you the Rusty Bucket craft beer pub new in the Guide was another cracker. Not quite Morden Arms good, but a cracker all the same.

Not to be confused with Dumpy’s Rustyy Nuts
My beer of choice is off-menu

I could have been at that posh gin place in Knutsford, but the guy setting up for a Belgian beer tasting session was all South London loveliness, no doubt humming along to Ultravox and The Clash.


Eschewing the cask (“kick him out !”) I went for the sour.

We’ve got Duchess de Bourgogne as well

It was a tough choice. It was an easy choice. As the line in “Kingdom of Heaven” goes.

Gorgeous, Sir Quinno

The sort of pub I’m glad Mrs RM doesn’t live next to.

And finally, via the inevitable delayed bus, I end where I started. By the Thames.

Started with Dylan, ended with Springsteen

A proper grown-up neighbourhood micro for east Greenwich, with the usual suspects on the bar and what’s wrong with that ?

More Kent

Very “Sunderland St Macclesfield” chic, and very busy, which made my quick half Tonbridge Pale necessarily a quick one. I hate standing.


And that was that. Not even the energy to brave the worst Spoons in London, and therefore the world (clue: tick tock).

I almost felt sorry it was all over. And I’d forgot to eat again.


  1. I quite like The Gatehouse -on a Friday lunchtime it is reasonably civilised,but having said that,we left after 1 drink last time we were there as the beer selection was rubbish despite there being a festival on at the time

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  2. Congrats – I think there were 28 brand new entries in London, so represents top work. I havenโ€™t started on them yet and there a few mega tickers who havenโ€™t done them all yet. A small trophy should really be presented.

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  3. So did you understand, after visiting the place, why Deserter speaks of the London Beer Dispensary in such glowing terms? I’m guessing they’re mostly enamored with the range of beers that are on offer– didn’t look like such a remarkable place in terms of what it feels like to pass some time there.

    Congrats on completing London; that alone as a goal would be tricky for anyone to achieve just starting out, I imagine. How many London pubs tend to be in the GBG in an average year?

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    1. Deserter folk are hipsters with big beards, aren’t they ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I think LBD is cosy enough for a beer. One of those places to go back to on Friday night.

      293 London pubs in the Beer Guide, doesn’t change much each year, which isn’t as many as you might think given the number of people and visitors.

      Only 28 new ones, quite easy for me being only an hour or so away on the train. Harder for Duncan ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. “Inevitable woolly hats and furry dogs” contrasts with the inevitable furry hats and woolly dogs in Selsdon.
    Our neighbour has been inclined to bring cans of that Paulaner on her return from Germany.

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