Yes, it’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

A first visit to the Queen of the East Coast since, ooh, before BRAPA started.


Wiki tells me it’s a seaside resort, apparently.

ACTUAL SEASIDE. With people on it. In November
Pier Hotel

There were a good few dozen dotted on the beach on a cold Autumn Sunday. And Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I confess I always assumed it was just a port and a hospital that was so desperate not to see me when I worked in the NHS that it became an early Foundation Trust.

Turns out the port buildings are actually on the Yarmouth side of the Yare, and they make a pleasant sight as you stroll along the riverside looking for Dickensian pubs.

Looks exciting. And possibly is.
Does that boat go to Orkney
Bodies in the water

It’s a fascinating place to wander, and so large I’m a bit astonished to read it’s home to only 5,548 souls, which is less than Waterbeach.


I count 17 pubs, one per 326.35 people according to my calculator, including some real basic corkers for Si to enjoy.

There’s been a skip in the Dock car park since 2006.
Stained glass
Famous “Wedge” pub. Watch out for horse-drawn carts

Elsewhere in town it’s chips, mainly.

Old Skool font
Impressive Remembrance Day display

Anyway, the newbie.

I was distressed to discover the new Spoons wasn’t to be named after either of the town’s two musical legends.

Hannah v Myleen for Spoons fame

See the source image

Oh. Who he ?

What do you make of a place that ignores the claims of original members of S Club 7 and Hear’Say in favour of a lifesaver. Not Klassy.

More Klassy were the good jumper-wearing burghers of Gorleston, stationed correctly at the bar rather than forming a queue reaching back to the beach.


Problem is, no-one was serving, and at 3pm on a Sunday everyone wants Sex on a Beach (in a tumbler).

So, despite the lack of a chair, I commandeered Table 7 and ordered a half of Broadside off the menu for £1.08. I doubt the guest beers were that exciting.


I felt like a fraud, avoiding the witty banter at the bar by buying via the App. I’ll live.

App beer. Arrived in 3 minutes.

Frankly, the Adnams was sublime. Cool, rich, subtle, NBSS 3.5.

Look at the scummy head. On a half.


The weakest of Gorleston’s pubs, but the best beer. Way it goes.


10 thoughts on “GORLESTON – KLASS-Y

  1. Your photo of the Dock Tavern shows the Falcon trademark of Lacons brewery in Great Yarmouth, closed in 1968 after being taken over by Whitbread, not only above the sign at the pub’s boundary but also on a ceramic plaque that, unlike Greene King’s and West Country’s, is above, not beside, the main door and is properly built into the wall and surrounded by fancy brickwork.

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      1. Wow, so probably a lot quicker than waiting at the bar. Once they sort out guest ales and beard tokens, nobody will ever need to queue again.

        I think that figure of 5,548 relates solely to the Gorleston electoral ward, and not to the entire built-up area of the west bank of the river.

        I was interested to see from your map extract that a new deep-water harbour has been built at Great Yarmouth, which according to Wikipedia has received very little use.

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