I’ve been trying to use a Cyndi Lauper reference on this blog for years.  “I Drove All Night (to get a half pint and kebab in Scunthorpe)” is still on my reserve list, and “She Bop” is being saved for a special occasions.

But Goonies, Goolies ? Close enough.


There was a huge crowd of Goolies heading towards me as I arrived in town.

One of those is from Rawcliffe, mind

I assumed they’d been alerted to the presence of BRAPA, who had offended the locals by omitting Goole from the title of his post on Tom Pudding, denying them vital tourist custom.

But no, they’d just been burning effigies of Catholics, which is somehow still deemed woke in 2019 etc etc etc

Anyway, the crowds were headed for the Spoons and the Indian restaurant that Mrs RM rates as “the worst ever” back in 1993.

The Tom Pudding, meanwhile, is a corker, micropub or no.

Quite inviting for a micro

You can’t do much about the basic fabric of a micro; they’re basically rectangular one-roomers.

But you can make your micro inviting beyond the sphere of your middle-aged mates.

Mr Corbyn hat ducks

And the Tom Pudding has a lovely mix of folk.

Young chaps with posh accents (probably from Epworth) playing cards, a chap with a Corbyn hat, a lady with a knitted poppy, regulars at the bar laughing at someone trying to pay by card.

Coloured cyders, fortified wine,the works. You could be in the Cambridge Blue.

Except the beer is £2.50 a pint.

Too cheap too cheap

I always feel like apologising when I order a half that’s under £1.50 in a pub, like the Landlord has expended more energy than that in serving me.

At least, you feel obliged too exclaim “£1.25 ! That’s too cheap” to the visible annoyance of the Old Boys who wish it was still a quid a pint.

What a gent

The Hop Studio is decent homebrew, NBSS 3 or better, the pub is better.


I miss the Mackintosh Arms being in the Guide, the real bikers pubs, but if you reckon Goole is worth a Real Ale Wander, take a look at this random extract for the town from WhatPub.


21 thoughts on “THE GOOLIES “R” GOOD ENOUGH

  1. I broke my journey at Goole recently as a change of scenery from Doncaster. The curd tart was over nutmegged. Abysmal town.

    Which curry house did Mrs RM rate so highly. I am intrigued. Appallingly it is another reason to go back to Goole. The shithole keeps drawing me back in.

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      1. Excellent. That means that I never need to visit Goole again. Unless City play at the Victoria Pleasure Grounds. Or something else lures me in to the complete and utter shithole.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. “The Dooleys, unlike the Nolans, also included blokes” and so might not have been groped by Jimmy Saville. .


      1. Yes I wonder if there’s much appeal to taking over an existing micro.

        The few that have been bought seem to have been almost middle class wine bar, e.g. The one in Ely.


  2. I always feel like apologising when I order a half that’s under £1.50 in a pub, like the Landlord has expended more energy than that in serving me.

    I feel the same. I went to this place earlier this year and only had a half (marmalade porter by Wold Top) as I was driving, sadly, but the barman managed to upsell by tempting me to buy a lovely pork pie as well, so everyone was a winner.

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