From Oxford I headed up to Sheffield on an errand for James involving shopping for clothes.

As you’ll imagine, errands involve shopping for clothes are high on my bucket list.

Matlock route

On a beautiful Autumn day I wove up through the area known as BeerMatLand into Matlock, looking all hilly and industrial and lovely as I parked up by the Derwent and walked the half mile up the hill to Armitts.

Matlock 2

I’m glad I’d left Mrs RM in Brighton. She didn’t like this hill last time.

Keep going

15 minutes up Bank Road, 5 minutes down Bank Road.

Harbingers of doom
Love that building spanning the road

As you’ll note, Armitts micropub is still marked as a newsagent on Google Maps. Perhaps it still is a newsagents, and I walked past it twice before clocking it.


It’s what I often refer to a sophisticated micro/offie, and then await the backlash.

But the chat was about “Treating myself to Prosecco” and “Waxing” and a critical comparison of the features of cars parked outside. More Sandbach than Sandgate, perhaps.

At least it was open at lunchtime.

Go for trad

Half a decent foamy Hartington for me, and a bottle of Torrside Monsters that Mrs RM subsequently declared “Got any more ?“.

IT’S 8.5% YOU SIP IT !!!

I liked Armitts; Old Boys and Ladies who Liquid Lunch rubbing shoulders like in Perth, though I rarely feel like sitting at the bar and joining in.


The Gents was closed, nothing to do with Si apparently.

Use the Ladies, m’duck”.

Hartington and m’duck. And “Dreams” by Eternal. What more do you want ?

And then on Thursday the floods came. I hope they’re all OK.

Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor, water and nature

Somehow Matlock played their match on Saturday. Tough as nails.



  1. I’m pleased to report we’re ok if a bit soggy. Never mind waxing, you could have had your nails done at Mrs ‘Armitt’ a few doors down. Lovely bloke, lovely micro. As the floods have cleared I’m off to Ashbourne on a Bass ticking trip.

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  2. They did well, still waiting for Selby to play Brid in the Vase, 3 postponements now so has been switched for a 4th attempt next Tuesday. Local flood experts Tadcaster unscathed on this occasion.

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  3. I have come to regard prosecco as the drink of the devil & will allow you to set fire to my pashmina if I am ever heard saying I will “treat myself ” to one. My recent treats have been very strong cocktails lovingly shaken for an extortionate price

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  4. Open at lunchtime! Not for me it isn’t. Walked that hill several times in the last few years (it’s the downward journey that hurts most) on the way to the Thorn Tree for Pie and pints, never found it open…


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