Back up the A1 for some more Northumberland GBG action

The day after the hottest day ever (EVER) in Cambridge, I arrived in Amble in a T-Shirt to find everyone in jumpers and raincoats.

Still undiscovered, apart from the Harry Potter castle

Improbably, I’d never been to Amble, just like in the Charlene song.

You’ll know that Seahouses is now Islington-on-Sea (Part IV) with all the Guardianistas in the Ship waiting to see birds on rocks.  Amble seemed to be the place for day-tripping Geordies.

Bit like Maldon

Because I can, I’ll call it the Maldon of the North-east.  They’ve put some craft huts along the sea front so you can buy tat to take home to Ponteland.

To be fair, you can also buy some nice seafood and nicer coffee, which I did.

Artisan tat

I like Amble; it felt like a real place with loads of pubs and modest Italian restaurants.

But I’d come for the pub.

It’s a good job the GBG app directs you to pubs, as this one is tucked away on a quiet housing estate a mile south of the centre.


No it’s not.  I got some very odd looks as I walked up to the front door of Mrs Edna Snopplethwaite (possibly an aunt) before realising the Mason’s Arms wasn’t a micropub.

Google Maps corrected the GBG error, and directed me back to a Proper Pub at the foot of the High Street.

I’ve considering telling Amble CAMRA to correct their  error, but let’s allow BRAPA to waste a taxi journey first, shall we.

Looks like a Keighley pub

On the plus side, it could be a Sam Smiths, you know.

Proper seating

On the downside, no other customers on Saturday lunchtime and five beers.  You’llhave heard of one, at a push.

No idea

Oh, I’d picked the homebrew hadn’t I ?  Will I never learn.

Warm, foamy, nothingness which I seem to have scored NBSS 2, inexplicably.

I felt sorry for the pleasant barman, required to wear a polo short with the pub name on it, call me “Sir”, and listen to “Uprising” by Muse.  Mainly the last one, to be honest.

Back to the puffins.




16 thoughts on “LOST IN AMBLE

  1. We call Seahouses and the surrounding villages ‘Jesmond by the Sea’ as that’s where most of our Guardianistas come from. Just talking about house prices in Amble the other day – through the roof. Masons used to only have one or two beers on. That’s progress.

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  2. When you find a pub like this that has a bunch of “never heard of them before” ales and none of the better known brands, does that mean that they are supported by a customer base that prefers unusual beers? Or are these beers that are in fact well known in this particular location? I’m a bit confused by the economics of it, as it seems the practice would be a bit alienating to the casual visitor.

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  3. Looks like a lovely northern pub, but with no day trade and beer stuck in lines all day, even I would be tempted to go for keg.


  4. I thought Amble was in Ampshire. I’ve never seen any of those beers on a bar before. If they can’t sell them on a Saturday lunchtime when can they?


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