Yes, two posts from King’s Lynn, neither of them in the Beer Guide. I’m losing it.

But 400-odd words is my absolute limit now I’m old, and also I need to bring you some more holiday snaps.

Actually, describing a 3 hour trip with 3 pints and scampi and chips as a holiday may be pushing it. More a minibreak.

Look at these pictures and tell me you knew Lynn was this gorgeous.

Corn Exchange
Duke’s Head
Maid’s Head
Well-dressed locals
Saturday Market Place

A great place to wander. Just look out for mobility scooters.

And here’s your craft.

Open all hours, unbelievably

Now, you need to know I visited Nip and Growler on the day that Alexander Johnson was appointed leader of the Conservative and Unionist (ha !) Party.

A meeting between the Tap & Growler and Crown & Mitre is long overdue

Some of you lot, the misguided ones, care about beer. So here’s the list.

Proper craft

It’s a much craftier list than I expected, and astonishingly LocAle.

I’ve been to a places like this and felt distinctly unwelcome.

Not here. Cheery bar lady, boisterous staff reading out Kathy Burke tweets, teachers coming in for several pints at the end of term.

Hazy Panther lager

Oh, and especially for any Americans, you get “Jack and Diane” and “Centerfold”.

Perhaps it really is still 1982 after all.

A corker. If it’s not in the GBG I’ll cry.


14 thoughts on “CRAFT HITS THE LYNN

  1. Glad to see you calling our PM by his correct name, Martin.

    We all should do that, especially the media.

    He provides plenty for the anagram enthusiasts at least, I suppose.


      1. And for our unelected, deceased ones, especially the “overweight, chain-smoking, gin-swilling” ones perhaps?


  2. I love that the Corn Exchange looks as if it were built by the same architects who designed the Parthenon.

    It is interesting that people who most love pubs are very often people who aren’t inclined to obsess about beer. I certainly fit into this category– I could read about pubs all day, but an article exclusively about beer is likely to bore me stiff.


    1. Yes, I find articles about beer unreadable. It’ll be a dull history of the individual making a career change, something about hops, a long list of beers with daft names, and a stock photo of folk with tulip glasses looking at the camera and saying cheers. Ugh

      Liked by 1 person

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