Sorry for only managing one post yesterday.  The internet ran out in Durham, which was completed to the backdrop of High Force waterfall.  I know how to live.

I also knew that because the Guardianista writers at the New York Rough Guide are so sniffy about Coney Island was all the more reason to spend Day 4 of our trip there.


Coming to America, as Eddie Murphy knows, and not doing Coney would be like visiting England and not doing Blackpool.

And we had to get value out of those $31 Subway passes.

Prospect Park Subway

I’m not sure I saw anyone on the Subway wearing a tie; office workers must all drive to Manhattan.  It was a motley old crowd on their way to Coney beach as temperatures topped 30 degrees.  We’d missed Saturday’s Mermaid Parade, for better or worse.

Old-fashioned but very clean, it’s nowhere near Blackpool size, more like Southend.  But, heh, Southend in 30 degrees with cold beer !

Southend.  But American
Didn’t Springsteen write about this ?

Mrs RM and Matt went for a dip in the sea.  Those images were confiscated at JFK under terrorism laws.

I took James for a stroll down the spotless promenade ins search of the real Coney, which seemed a bit gentrified compared to my mental images derived from Ramones and Lou Reed songs.

But the main image now was of giant, and frankly ugly, retirement apartment blocks. And a stroll along Woody Guthrie’s Mermaid Avenue that had James genuinely on edge, a nervousness that only abated when I bought him donuts from Dunkin’.

Mermaid Avenue
Community Garden

We gave the boys a few dollars to find a rollercoaster and a hot dog, and Mrs RM jumped at the chance of a beer at the eponymous brewery, integrated into the local baseball stadium.

Well, this was magical.

The Pride 365 7% was astonishing

You can trust a place playing The Strokes and with a sign like this;

Legal stuff

If I had a dollar for every tweet or comment telling me I should have gone to x or y brewery in New York I’d have enough dollars for one of those beers.

The IPA was the best we had all trip. My notes say we spent $25, which sounds cheap, as Mrs RM was total p****d when we left.


I only know that as I heard Matt say “Mum, you’re p****d” ten minutes later as we met up again on the beach, loaded up with pizza, curly fries and a cup of Brooklyn Summer Ale.


It was that last item, paraded by me down the boardwalk, that had James shouting,


Grief, what a weird country.

15 thoughts on “CONEY ISLAND BABY

  1. My one time in NY I was struck by the huge variation in prices between bars; very reasonable up to daft for beers from the same brewery depending on location. Of course the exchange rate was a bit more favourable at the time. Unless you went to to the most upmarket places, lots of purchases (electronics, clothes) were veritable bargains.


  2. When you’re a kept man I’d be wary of spreading gossip about Mrs RM being fluted, young Martin,
    Just saying.
    A word to the wise.
    I’m speaking from experience here.


  3. You are officially more of a New Yorker than I’ll ever be, as in all my visits there I have yet to ever visit Coney Island. I know lots of people are real fans of the place though; hope to get there someday.

    Did you have a coney island hot dog though? That’s the only coney island most of us midwesterners are sure to be acquainted with. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The queue was too long and my lad was getting frantic that I was holding a beer from the other outlet.

      I think the hot dog thing is more to do with longevity than quality.

      Actually we ate grilled squid from a Korean outlet at a trendy Sunday food market in Brooklyn which is much more authentically Nu Yawk 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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