Onward to Maenclochog, which is easy for you to say.

Middle of nowhere, and 3 days on camel from Pontfaen.

Never heard of it, which just goes to show how much of the UK is undiscovered. Like Erith and Belverdere.

It’s a village that lets its heritage decline naturally, I’ll say that.

Duncan may have been here
Possibly not taxed

And you thought Grimesthorpe was the Wild West.

The Globe looked like a journey back in time, and not just because of my dodgy camerawork.


Rare Courage sighting this far west.

So what gets the Globe into the Guide in 2019.

Community buyout ? Local homebrew ?

Er, no.

A choice of one is a choice

After Abbot or nowt in Newport, Duncan seemed disappointed at a choice of Speckled  Hen or Strongbow in the Globe.

Full up of coke, I asked what non-alcoholic options they had, and got a decent enough “Bavarian Premium Original”.  I’m sure that’s what the Old Boy had in Selsey.

But what a Landlady this was.  Chatty, cheery, helpful.

And what a pub.


Locals to the left, the bar in the middle, a “secret room” off to the right.



If this was in Cambridgeshire it would be up there with our regional treasures.  Here it’s just another unpretentious local with good beer.  And it was good, however narrow the range.

I thought Duncan might by now want to stick to the plan. I was wrong.


  1. So why is it in the GBG ?
    A single tap dispensing Old Speckled Hen ?
    Decor falls into the ” so bad it’s good ” category.
    In other matters I returned from the Thursday 5 ‘o’clock Club session in high spirits after an enjoyable day watching the lads giving the Australians a sound thrashing and, being in an agreeable mood, took up my eldest son’s suggestion that I should hop on a plane on Friday to visit him in Dartmouth to watch the Cricket Final on Sunday amongst like-minded English types.
    I went ahead and booked a circuitous route only to be told after I’d done it by Mrs PP-T that actually Friday is tomorrow and as I’m flying from Dublin I should be up at 5am to catch the early coach.
    On the plus side we’re apparently going to see The Proclaimers on Blackpool Sands and there will be scrumpy.
    And UB40 on Saturday.
    I’m rather looking forward to this weekend.


    1. Cause it’s the Good Beer Guide and the beer was good (I only had a sip of Duncan’s half but it had real body. I should work for Cask Marque. Oh no, it’s work).

      The less pubs in the Guide because they serve lots of homebrew, the better.

      I’ll probably drive past you on Sunday as I’m in Plymouth. Picking my own lad up from his first music fest without me on Sunday.

      Enjoy the final.


  2. “and 3 days on camel from Pontfaen”

    So the second day would technically be considered hump day?

    “which just goes to show how much of the UK is undiscovered”

    You do tend to have a lot of nooks and crannies over there; compared to our wide open spaces. 🙂

    “Duncan may have been here”

    I can’t tell if they’re preparing for a Zombie invasion or if they’re just squatters.

    “Possibly not taxed”

    That red auto looks familiar. From another blog?

    “A choice of one is a choice”

    But of course. As there’s always the choice of take it or leave it. 🙂

    “and got a decent enough “Bavarian Premium Original”.”

    Actually not a bad choice to have if you’re driving.

    “Here it’s just another unpretentious local with good beer. ”

    Location, location, location.

    “I thought Duncan might by now want to stick to the plan. I was wrong.”

    Sadly I’ll be commenting sporadically over the next two weeks as we’re off to two different family get-togethers over 2,000km apart (luckily we’re flying to the first one). So, try to keep the post count down. (LOL)


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