Pub Curmudgeon kindly reminds me I’m slipping ever further behind, which is encouraging.

Even worse, after some over-celebration last night I’m in no frame of mind to write about the next extraordinary Buxton stop just yet.

So here’s the rather more straightforward Buxton Brewery Tap, a few yards round from the Crescent in Buxton’s craft corner.

How I feel this morning
Ian’s rucksack contains panda pop bottles for collaboration tasters

This was the place where Stafford Paul was hoping to get away from all those nasty traditional bitters and have a schooner of Axe Edge or similar.  He’d love IndyMan, you know.

How’s your eyesight

Sure enough the hardcore group had beat us to the tap and found the window seat.

Paul was less than impressed by the glasses, Jeff more taken with the 11.5% Imperial Stout, chosen because “It’s the strongest“.

I think Charles just asked for tasters of everything.

Pub Men

I had the Buxton x 3 Weavers Buxton Intercontinental Brut IPA, which sounds like a non-league fixture in the East Staffs Div 3 that you’d find Duncan at.


I also had one of those new hipster “Anti-Murk” zero alcohol beers, thrillingly with ice but not lemon.

It’s all very BrewDog, with afternoon food trade and tasters and men with scarves (not the ones who did “Down Under”). But at least they do very good cask.

Our itinerary had basically gone to pot by then, but we manfully consulted the rail timings to work out how best to miss trains to New Mills and find pubs closed in Disley.

For PubMen, the planning is the best bit.





18 thoughts on “CONSULTING THE MAPS

  1. Why are there so few beers between 0.5% ABV and 3.0% ABV?

    The difference in flavour between, say, a 2.0% and 0.5% is the world, yet from a health POV there’s little difference.

    As the need arises, I drink a half of something hoppy, mixed with a San Miguel 00 or with a Beck’s Blue. It’s a well-balanced, Proper Pint, as distinct from a perhaps rather sad experience.


    1. There are probably so few beers between 0.5% ABV and 3.0% ABV because most of us don’t mind the effect of alcohol ( in moderation )

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      1. I think that most here would agree that the point that you make is beyond dispute, Paul.

        However, Martin mentioned that he had a 0% ABV beer, as many of us will find ourselves doing, for whatever reason, from time-to-time.

        My point is, that if there were more small beers commonly available, then pub trade would probably be be increased.


      2. I would happily drink low alcohol ales nearly all the time if they were capable of any taste at those ABVs.

        The bottled low alcohol beers from Adnams and Thornbridge were undrinkable.

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      3. Well Martin, a half of Rare Breed mixed with a St. Miguel 00 was fine by me. It worked out quite pricey, mind you.

        The hops of the first, and the malt of the second, went together well. The suspended yeast gassed out the bottled stuff to an acceptable level too.

        Some people drink shandy FGS.


  2. Low or no alcohol beer always reminds me of vegetarian sausages.What’s the bloody point ?
    I drink to get a buzz.If I want to quench my thirst with alcohol a cup of tea is grand.
    On the other hand I gave up real coffee on doctor’s orders some years and now I can’t tell the difference with my brand of decaff in those fancy round tins and I used to be a real grind my own Mocha Parfait beans from the Algerian Coffee Store in Soho kind of coffee nut.
    Mrs PP-T has never been the same about wine since,many moons ago,I explained to her the difference in Abv of wines and now anything below 13% gets a look of withering contempt from her.


      1. Possibly.
        But people who I have given it to instead of the real thing have never known the difference.
        And that’s not what you could say about non-alcoholic beer.


      2. I don’t think I’ve ever tried no alcohol beer, vegetarian sausages, decaffeinated coffee or a McDonalds. I doubt if I ever will.
        I quite like chewing on a proper coffee bean until it’s totally disintegrated and that’s probably a lot healthier than all the sugar laden sweets and chocolate that so many people gnaw away at all day long.

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      1. LAF,
        We’re planning a Proper Day out in Uttoxeter on Friday 14th June.
        And I could do Stafford at short notice with not much in my diary over the next few weeks.

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