Well, what a disaster this blog is.

Sixty-eight posts published (about average) and I’m still only up to 13 April (2019, before the Prof asks). But if I don’t review April now, I never will.


Fifty-two (52) new GBG pubs. Not as good as Bruce Masters, who’s done 50,000 pubs by doing 20 a week, or BRAPA, who ate 53 pieces of his own food in UK pubs last month. But still pretty good.

I actually finished Surrey, Sussex(es), Derbyshire and the West Midlands, most of which you don’t know about yet.

Still far behind the Pubmeister, but we all know who has the better colouring, don’t we ?

Looks like a very odd animal

Some very good beer, some great cheery service in Scotland, and some striking pictures of pints with my new phone camera (inherited from Mrs RM who is now known as Mme Huawei due to neural brain implants taking the place of traditional phone technology).

Edinburgh Waverley Spoons
Bristol Snuffy Jacks


The month took in Wroot (loads of blog views from there – thanks), Scunny, Skeggy, the Cotswolds, Brizzle, Julia Jacklin, Bromsgrove, Gatwick, Borough, Dudley and half of Scotland. A real mix there.

I enjoyed my afternoon in West Siberia Arbroath immensely; proper stress-free football, smokies, the best steak & black pudding pie in the UK, and a real Scottish pub.


PUB OF THE MONTH – Fifty Four, Horley

The best welcome ever, cool keg drunk under the Gatwick flight path, and Guy Mitchell’s Golden Greats. Unexpected Surrey weirdness.

Classic LPs

BEST STREET ART – Scunthorpe. Of course.


BEST VIEW – North Nibley

Tyndale Monument, North Nibley

BEER OF THE MONTH – Fallen Grapevine in the Dreadnough, Leith

Also home to the best German punk graffiti.



May, heh ? The cruellest month.

A trip to Rugby with the Beer & Pubs gang, a few days finishing Cheshire and Lancs (and shredding my nerves at the Etihad), some days in West Wales with our US readers, and I will finally finish the Isle of Wight (2 to go). 50 new pubs will do me.

Plus no doubt some more pub cats along the way.


11 thoughts on “APRIL ’19 STOCKTAKE + MAY PREVIEW

    1. I think you’ll find that’s actually a Millenium funded viewing platform jutting eastward from Liverpool Pier Head that allows Scousers to get a better view of the superior pubs of North West Wales and the Isle of Man.

      (Had to look that Caprivi Strip up).


      1. Yesterday the configuration of canal locks, today 19th century African geopolitics. Never a dull moment on this blog.


      1. Well I do have one like yours but my county records are all on Word and I lack the heart and skill to transfer them. Your April spreadsheet is a traditional sign of spring. Not sure how that guy has done that many. He must go into every keg bar going. My pal Andy is on 38,700.


      2. We need an intern, I think. They expect to be paid a living wage for Copenhagen these days though.

        Will def do a spreadsheet edition, probably when I’ve completed Hants and Wight.

        Re: Bruce, you could probably have racked up a 1,000 keg bars in Salford alone as recently as 2007.

        Liked by 1 person

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