A whole week of Scottish posts and I still haven’t got to the Big Beery Breakfast Session with Stafford Paul.

First, have some more Cupar photos from my morning pre-train stroll. Hopefully Citra can identify these flowers.

Almost Amsterdam
Art shot

Disappointingly, if understandably, WhatPub is bereft of details on the many keg bars like the the Station Bar and Parsonage that dot the two main streets.

That “T” again
Scottish equivalent of the red triangle

I haven’t added to the Fife store of pub knowledge either, bar my NBSS score for the Boudingait, so I’ll never know if the lone Deuchars handpump in Watts is for show.

WhatPub description clearly supplied by pub

Some lovely buildings, and a range of fonts to delight Matthew Lawrenson.


Westport offered Onion sets and Fat Balls, but I had bigger plans for breakfast.

During the build-up to the CAMRA AGM there had been much debate about the merits of Fisher & Donaldson‘s famous Fudge Doughnuts.

I may have been the only disciple of stodge to track them down to Cupar, where I actually settled for an impressive bacon roll and black coffee.

Proper Stodge

Look at the healthier options !

As part of a calorie controlled diet, folks

I think we can guess what’s buried in the time capsule, can’t we folks ?

Hope they put them in a jiffy bag

Three fudge doughnuts had a rough journey back to Waterbeach in the pockets of my raincoats, but seemed to be appreciated by the Taylor family regardless.

It’s the little things.  Like Bass signage
and stained glass
and a stately park


Nice small town, decent base for the coast, a great place to clog your arteries.

Time to catch the train coming round that bend.


9 thoughts on “TAK TENT O SMA THINGS

  1. We’re on the cusp of the last day of our Mexican sojourn so a couple of observations.
    Unsurprisingly Mexico has been wonderful.The most delightful people who are friendly,welcoming,intelligent,warm,hard-working,proud of their families and entirely undeserving of the stigma often attached to them.
    But something else we found remarkable.
    In the two weeks we have been here we haven’t seen a single drunk person.
    Not one.
    Booze is omnipresent and cheap.
    There are regulations and shops stop serving it at 11pm.But basically you can drink 24/7 for a pittance.
    Yet the beaches,especially over the Easter weekend,were rammed with cheek by jowl humanity.
    Each umbrella sheltered three generations of family with cooler boxes full of booze,bottles of tequila,trays of food and loud music blaring out.
    Yet not once did we see tattooed knuckleheads squaring up to each other.
    And when they went home at sundown they took every scrap of rubbish away with them leaving the beach as pristine as they found it.
    And Mudgie will like the fact that everyone smokes.Everywhere.
    The conclusion ? Not sure to be honest but I can’t help thinking that the countries I’ve been to which don’t operate a nanny state legislating every moment of their citizens’ lives seem to function quite well.
    And the things that social media in our country make out to be important – #me too,gender neutral bogs,pile-ons at the slightest infraction of political correctness and all the rest of that bollocks suddenly seem unimportant when you visit somewhere that cherishes eating,drinking,socialising and getting on with life even when they hardly have a pot to piss in.


    1. Really interesting summary there Prof… been a hoot reading your Mexican adventures, but couldn’t agree more with the last 2 paragraphs….

      Liked by 1 person

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