I’m typing this on the train to Box Hill Station, a pleasant walk from my penultimate Surrey tick in Mickleham.

Bet you thought I did all my blogging from a soundproofed room in Waterbeach, interrupted only by the butler bringing my cans of Four Pure on a silver platter. That’s BRAPA you’re getting mixed up with.

The new Dorking entry, the first for a while, is a rare drinkers pub, still maintaining a bit of Friary Meux signage rather than the usual Greene King or Brunning & Price.

It’s so close to the stations I walked past it twice. GBG station pubs without the words “Tap” or “Great” in them were actually banned in 2015.

You get three railway stations in Dorking, compared to none in Leek, which is in a nutshell why the North hates the South.

Mind, the drinkers in the Lincoln were all useful Southerners, tradesmen by the look of it, taking a break from “modernising” Fullers pubs, no doubt.

I presumed the pool posse arrived at 5pm.

I guess two local beers gets you in the Guide these days. I nearly had the Doom Bar to spite the CAMRAs, but panicked and stayed on the Pilgrim, my third in a row, and possibly the best, chunky glass and all.

Naff music, great service and a lively atmosphere with some of the best swearing this year. I’d like to say it was on both sides of the bar but obviously I can’t.

My notes also say “goldfish”. Possibly a pub pet, possibly a nickname, possibly a lunchtime snack.

I still don’t understand the Brexit sign though (DON’T explain it).


  1. You were saying in your last post that Surrey towns aren’t up to much, but Dorking, at least around the High Street, is quite handsome. As most certainly is Farnham.

    I think I’d prefer a pint of Friary Meux, tbh. Never went in that pub when I lived down there.

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  2. Sounds good, but the photo of the ‘should have been reupholstered years ago’ buffet just condemns it to the naff category. Why should we put up with for quality fixtures and fittings in pubs? You see it time after time and, to me, it’s just not good enough. They can’t even be bothered to keep the fish tank properly topped up with water neither. Nil points (needs saying in a French accent).


      1. Yes, a hundred years from now historians will be fascinated by the astonishing variety of drinking establishments in 2019.

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  3. The wonderful irony of a twatty note calling out BoJo for getting his sums wrong getting its sums wrong.
    It was £350 million.


  4. Phew…I often hang my head in shame, being a Surrey based blog lurker…. but not only a good review from your excellent self, but a pub I have had a drink in recently as well. Shamefully I can’t remember what I drank, but it was beer and I hadn’t been in there before – ’twas a pleasing and friendly experience…

    (btw – idea – best you jump in quick and become PPT’s agent for his much needed “How to detox gracefully” book….followed by the much more entertaining follow up “How to REtox in astonishing haste”)

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    1. Yup,back up to speed.
      We breakfasted on toast and a couple of bottles of Modelo beer.
      Just enjoying a chilled bottle of Chilean Chardonnay with a spot of lunch in the shade of a blazing Mexican sun.
      Later we plan a stroll to a cantina in a rather doubtful barrio of town where the ginger and tamarind margaritas are legendary.
      Then watch the sun go down from one of the many rooftop bars that populate the delightful town of San Miguel de Allende.
      Even the police wave cheerily at the gringos as they speed past in jeeps mounted with very large machine guns.
      Dinner will be steaks and Malbec in a nice place owned a retired bull-fighter.
      Unsurprisingly his gaff is one of the few here that don’t feel the need to employ fearsome looking bouncers at night.
      However,I’m really just gearing up the liver for Thursday when we fly off to a coastal beach town with a real reputation for excess.
      The Mexican Magaluf apparently…

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    2. Excellent idea. May decline due to my own “professional” commitments 😉

      “it was beer, a pleasing and friendly experience”, is all you need say. Hard to convey in photos but you know it when you see it.


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