A lot of pubs in these posts; I must have been in a hurry to finish Sussex.

Seaford was the end of the line, so I had 41 minutes to get to the White Lion and back AND find something new and interesting about a town I only visited last June.


Excitingly, the White Lion is a proper seaside estate pub, indicated by the flagpole to the right.

Anyone stayed here ?

More people in the smoking den than the pub, always a good sign.  As is the fluorescent jacket and hand-written Gin .

No pashminas here

A bit of South-West London overspill, with Chelsea fans in the TV Lounge getting increasingly optimistic at their chances of a pot in a League Cup Final that had already been drifting on for days.

I finally picked the Harvey’s Old; it wasn’t fresh, so I dumped it and headed back to the station, with seemingly more time on my hands than when I arrived.

Ah, a possible pre-emptive tick ?


WhatPub tells me Steamworks only opened 15 months ago, sells craft keg AND local beers to folk waiting for a train out of Seaford.

Or in this case, tea, coffee and brownies to gentlefolk hoping for a bit of “Brief Encounter” style railway thrills.


Unless it packs ’em in late on, it seemed an ambitious beer range for little Seaford, though the welcome was friendly and the Kissingate Pale good enough.

You’ll form your own views on the styling.

Fudge brownie the beer of choice

Anyway, no complaints.  I was on the West Sussex home straight now, with sunset through the window of the train back to Brighton, where my notes miraculously reappear.


3 thoughts on “SUNSET OVER SEAFORD

  1. How many entries can a place like Seaford have? Seems the Sussex branch may be a bit biased. Maybe we should check their home addresses? I like Seaford. Not much to see, apart from the Seven Sisters of course, but unpretentious and a bit rough around the edges without being downright poor like some its northern equivalents would be.


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