My options for easy ticks have long gone.

As of today, my closest new Guide pub is a cricket club with one handpump in Yardley/Sheldon/Marlborough/East Brum, a mere 3hrs 38mins away on the train.


Perhaps I should ask BeerMat to recommend some highlights of the Sheldon area (Andre Marriner was born there ?) and then Mrs RM might drive me in her new car.

These logistical issues mean I’m doing a few more local trips.  If you’d like to imagine they’re for your benefit, you’re welcome.


By “local“, I mean places like Feltwell in Norfolk’s US Airforce belt, a mere 46 minutes drive away.

If two Russian tourists were ever spotted here they would no doubt be admiring the Grade 1 listed St Nicholas’s Church,

Now redundant so possible future…..

rather than the mysterious giant golf balls on sprawling RAF Feltwell.

Feltwell aerial
Mysterious.  Probably UFOs

This isn’t an area for the ticker.  Sorry to overload you with maps, but this is a screen grab from the Beer Guide App. No GBG pubs in a 60-odd square mile area, though just east of here you  have the magnificent Ram, an unexpected Brandon boozer.

GBG Desert

But I have reports of a pub on the rise, which we visited after the tourist trail.

Houses from 1661,

Ye Olde..

another church, resplendent in the blue skies,


and, er, that’s it.

The Wellington is worth your time though, particularly if you’ve any interest in military aviation.

Planes for an aerial
Makes a change from adverts foe bile beans

This is a classy place, particularly by Breckland standards. with impressive refurbishment and a pleasant dining room that didn’t detract from the public bar.

Si will love this when he gets here (“N” for Norfolk so probably 2026, by which time it’ll all be flooded). If it gets in the GBG, he adds quickly.

Nice carpet

There’s local beers, always a worry, but I go for the house beer and get it thoroughly pulled through first. On the one hand that shows attention to detail, on the other you’ve learnt what the locals drink.

Local beers for disinterested locals

It was really good though, peerlessly matched with a packet of crisps and a packet of poppadoms that I didn’t see much of.

A veritable feast

The locals were completely disinterested in Burnley v Spurs (“That ‘arry Kane, ‘ees no good“) and I’d love to tell you they talked about tractors and Americans, but I’d be lying.

Since I was on the coke, it didn’t take much to persuade Mrs RM to pop in the other village pub, so newly reopened that it’s shows as dead on WhatPub.

Alive !

Earlier that lunchtime there’d been a couple drinking on the benches, now the Chequers was empty.

I quite liked the sign at the door.

Naff but…

My photo does the Bar no favours though.

Pouffes a favourite in Norfolk

Open since Christmas, said the lovely lady behind the bar as we surveyed the array of beers.

One is more than enough

I expected the worst. Mrs RM expected even worse (“Wot no Punk IPA“).

But it was terrific, as good an IPA as I’ve had since, ooh, a long time.

An NBSS 3.5 IPA as rare as an NBSS 4 Doom Bar

In the sun, it was very pleasant.  As it clouded over, I expect the appeal fades.

I wouldn’t come out from Cambridge, or even Southery for a pint, but I’d certainly cross the road if I lived in Feltwell.  #UseItOrLoseIt.




    1. If you were heading to Norfolk I’d recommend lunch at the Wellington, it was really well-done in a way that pubs rarely are, often falling into shabby boozer or gastro round there. The IPA at Chequers might change a few views on that beer !


  1. “Makes a change from adverts for bile beans”. Or indeed Bass mirrors from Wrexham. Seriously, good adverts if you’re in the market for a medium bomber or a reinforced concrete runway.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill,
      I remember when British Reinforced Concrete was a significant employer in Stafford.
      The site, adjacent to the West Coast Main Line, is now a retail park.


  2. I used to live just over the other side of the A45 in Hobs Moat for 30 years so no surprise that a cricket club that actually sells cask ales is in!!

    Mrs RM could treat you to three horseshoes on A45 or the Arden Oak ….if not the Hobs Moat is always lively…back in the day there was a pub called the Mazeppa and I sat there and it was like the wild west around me with huge fights and my mate just sat at the bar cool as ice and said don’t move and we’ll be fine !

    Liked by 1 person

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