“Look at his face ! Just look at his face !”

And this was before the Radio Solent superstardom.

Wednesday in East Dorset, and BRAPA taxi time. I get to see the impact of six pints on the human body, and tick some pubs by drinking pineapple juice and the dregs at the bottom of Si’s glass.

Our adventure starts at 11am at Wimborne Minster.


Or more accurately, Wimborne Minster Waitrose, where I parked up and hoped Si would be there before the half hour (40p !, but refunded in-store) ticket expired.

Some ten minute tourism for you.

The Minster
The etched glass
Fascinating facts about Montague Druitt and some other blokes

With 29 minutes gone, there was no sign on the footpath over the river from the town, but then he crept up behind me shouting “Hellooo“, with some bizarre story about a horse and cart that no doubt you’ll here about from him later.

It took ten minutes to load his pub snacks in the car, but we still wove our way to Gussage All Saints (pop.192) by 11.40am, keen to maximise a variety of opening hours. The Drovers is just down the road from my annual music festival at Larmer Gardens, as I must have told Simon at least 7 times.


Nice church. 14th century, said Martin the Owl, probably.


The nice Sat Nav lady, who Si shares with me and Mrs RM, told us to press ahead up the track.


How exciting, like doing the Tandle Hill Tavern but without the Oldham accents.

We went past the point Mrs RM would have allowed me to go, parked up, and walked up Harley Lane for a bit before hitting the gate.

Gussage pub

Do a U-turn” screamed Sat Nav lady. Foe goodness sake Si, they’ve even marked PH on the map !

Note birds on thatch on the right

In consequence, it was 11.51 by the time we were first into the Drovers, a community-owned pub of the “Now we can have a proper gastropub/restaurant in the village” variety.

Nice beams, shame about the pub

Rather spartan, it was fulfilling a critical role in the dispense of £8.95 sandwiches. I told Si to keep his cheese dippers out of view.

“Clarke & Sons” of Gussage St Andrew (pop: unknown)

Still, nothing could dampen the BRAPA enthusiasm for a pub tick that looked a logistical challenge. The lanes were so narrow we won’t be coming here in our motorhome in August either.

Lovely friendly staff, a feature of Dorset.

Four beers, three too many. Si had the local 6d Best, the hero of the day.

Artist at work

I has a sip, seemed OK, and pretended my pineapple was London DIPA murk. Ha, how we laughed.

Presumably Si has recorded some interesting mannerisms by observing the gentlefolk diners for 27.5 minutes. I only had eyes for the activity packs.

By 12.15 we were being looked at with suspicion. Why hadn’t we ordered food ? Should the police be called ?


Not sure who coloured in his Beer Guide, but it was time to run.


    1. It’s two pork baps in the Great Western or 2½ bowls of beef stew in the Stile for a fiver
      – and change for two pints of Holden’s or Wolverhampton’s finest for another fiver.

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  1. Beer tickers pour beer in panda pop bottles to swap and drink later and increase the number of ticks.

    If you apply a similar concept to pub ticking you and Si ought to visit different pubs then have a skype video meeting from the pubs so as to create a virtual visit and allow the other to see the place without having to step foot there.

    Thus you could double up your pub ticks.

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    1. I can see why you’re a Captain of Industry, Cookie. I think we could employ drones to fly over pubs (poss. not in east Sussex) taking picks of Old Boys saying “The Doom Bar’s drinking well”; be finished by Christmas.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s the idea. It’s all in the definition of “visit”

        For me reading a blog, seeing the photo’s is as real as a physical visit, so I’ve more ticks than the lot of you, despite only actually drinking in a few Spoons and my own sofa. Every blog read is a tick and a highlight in my beer book and so far I’m beating both you and Si.


  2. I was sure Russ would have made the comment about “I told Si to keep his cheese dippers out of view” sounding like some sort of strange euphemism, but I suppose it’s up to me now. 😉

    Found it hard enough to imagine having 6 pints in a single day, and then I read Simon’s blog the other day in which he had 7. The man’s committed to his quest, there can be no doubting it!


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