WARNING: Mrs RM “fixed” my PC or summat, so I expect this post will come out all wrong.

I start my extended series of birthday posts with what can only be described as “a telling off“.

Harry has me bang to rights; a bit weird and #NoMatesMartin. I knew that braving Wilmslow on my birthday was a mistake.

Before the Wilmslow Wonders (joking), here’s a Cumbrian half-dozen, starting straight after a mammoth Birthday Eve hike up on Friday morning (one stop, East Markham, since you ask).

Not quite 5 hours

Parked up, I decided against trying to check in at 1pm at the Sun, and admired the old-school glories of Ulverston, Ironmongers and bamboo scarves and all.

Ever Ready
What !
No idea
My hotel, pre-disco

Although it was running, my train to Barrow and beyond was, of course, delayed by “delays” so I had time for a quick half in the Old Friends first.

Here’s a real Robbies pub I noted for later.

At one time they all looked like this

And you can see where the Old Friends came from.

Hartleys/Robbies design classic

In the light drizzle Ulverston‘s colours glistened, rather as Bridport had at Easter.

And inside it felt a bit like Christmas. Or perhaps I’m easily impressed by Father Christmas hats on hand pumps.

Proper Landlord

I went for the one that said “IPA”. Work it out for yourself. It seemed to be staggeringly cheap, £2.30 a pint. Is that possible ? Perhaps that was the time.

The Landlord chatted about the imminent invasion by Barrow on Black Eye Friday (“more pubs here than Barrow”) and the hit to trade from the Northern Rail strike in honeypots like Sellafield and Foxfield.

Lovely homely pub
Proper seating awaiting Black Eye Friday chaos

Which was, coincidentally, where I was off next. After some train drama of my own.


  1. An old friend of mine moved from Manchester’s keg only Royal Brewery to Hartleys and he showed us round one weekend a few years before it shut and he trained to become a teacher.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bamboo fabric is definitely the way to go. Mrs PBT’s bought me a pair of bamboo walking socks for Christmas – amongst other gifts, of course!

    “Supersoft, Thermo-Control and Odour Resistant”; I’m going to try them out tomorrow!

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    Are those two statues you and Si getting ready for a day’s outing?
    (or maybe coming back from one!)

    “I knew that braving Wilmslow on my birthday was a mistake.”

    I still think someone should market a ‘beer blogger proximity’ app.

    “What !”

    Agreed. Thermo control? Sheesh, technically the zipper on my jacket is thermo control!

    “No idea”

    My guess is the table can be raised or lowered so as to not discriminate against the ‘differently sized’. 😉

    “by Father Christmas hats on hand pumps.”

    Hats on hands? Is that the cask version of finger puppets?

    “and the hit to trade from the Northern Rail strike in honeypots like Sellafield and Foxfield.”

    As opposed to all of the other bloody Furness places.

    “Which was, coincidentally, where I was off next.”

    One of the fields or those ending in Furness?



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