If I’ve learned one thing about blogging, it’s that folk prefer misery to happiness. No-one wants to read about a nice pint in Pontypool; they want woe in Watford and micro madness in Margate.

So here’s rage from Radnage. Or woe in Wycombe if you like to dump places in their nearest big town like some CAMRA branches that rhyme with “weeds“.


Now, BRAPA will confirm that Buckinghamshire is the toughest county to do.

Inaccessible villages you arrived at caked in mud, identikit dining pubs, pashminas and Prosecco, beer struggling to average at best.

Some nice looking Olde Worlde English pubs though.

No, you haven’t seen it before

Flowers on the bar. Nice touch.  And, oh look, local beers. One per ale drinker.

Service was good.  The IPA was thoroughly pulled through, both reassuring and a worrying sign of lack of turnover. Mind, when you’re charging £4.20 a pint you can afford to pull it through.

Best looking jam jar so far

It was the most Buckinghamshire beer ever, cool but thin and a bit sharp.  NBSS 2.5 at a push. Which is adequate, remember.

The Crown was ticking over on a Monday lunchtime.  Unfortunately that meant the only table not set for diners was already taken (below).

Nice bay window

So, dear readers, I had to sit at the bar. Yes, I was the bar fly in Bucks.

Tulips and carnations

I left the table between me and the dog spare.  Dogs shouldn’t be allowed at the bar (rage away, canine cuddlers).

Of course, two minutes later a small child clambered onto the seat I’d left free.

“What you scoring that IPA then ?”

“Made it Mummy !”

Now I like to see children in pubs, I really do.  It’s just that this one was the most accident-prone toddler in High Wycombe, falling off twice and dropping various toys at the foot of my chair. Mum seemed unconcerned and Dad was nowhere to be seen.

Fearing I’d be implicated if Johnny clambered onto the bar and drunk the IPA I was reserving for the plant pots, I made a dash for the Gents.

Oh no. Not luxury handwash.  I don’t want luxury.


When I got home and added the Crown to my spreadsheet I was astonished to find I’d already been to Radnage, and it had left no impression bar a big X for beer quality. Good to know some things never change.


39 thoughts on “A RADNAGE RIOT

    1. There is a Whip Inn south and east of Princes Risborough which listed under Lacey Green in the 2019 GBG. It must be the one you mention.


      1. Wish I had known that about the Whip Inn a year ago. Dave and I stopped at Long Crendon(Eight Bells) on our way to the Premier Inn at Loudwater and were not treated very well and the beer was worse. We cannot believe it is back in the guide. We should have stopped at the Whip Inn.

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      2. In Buckinghamshire’s defense the town of Buckingham was kind of fun when I spent an evening there. We had quite a few laughs in the Three Cups.

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      1. Well, I had good reason to be curmudgeonly today.
        I used the Dorbiere pub just a ten minute walk from me and since last week the proper tables and chairs at the front of the pub where I sit watching the world go by had been replaced by high tables and high chairs.
        4pm is about the latest I’ve ever arrived at the pub and the barman draw a pint off that had ben “in the lines” before giving me my first pint of Black Sheep Best Bitter. So none had been sold in the first five hours of the day and I doubted how many would be drunk during the remaining seven hours.

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      2. Sometimes I feel I’m sitting one the sidelines criticising pubs for lack of custom, when I should be criticising the folk buying cans from Tesco or thirds at beer festivals. But you’re right; pubs not serving ANY of a beer for several hours is the problem in a nutshell.


      1. Not when it was the first widely sold keg in the 1950s – and not much more when it was a rather indistinctive cask beer from Cheltenham in the 1980s.


  1. Martin, you addressed the readers directly in affable terms, calling them “dear”, no less.

    Steady now – accounts have been barred on pub review sites for no more.


  2. I have no problem with children or dogs being in a pub – provided they are well behaved.

    Children should never be allowed to stand near, or sit at the bar. Family orientated areas in large dry led pubs are excellent, otherwise Victorian values should be adopted; children should be seen and not heard, leastwise not beyond the people who accompany them. Animals should never be allowed up onto the seating, even more so in any public place.

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    1. As for “animals should never be allowed up onto the seating” I have observed that most dogs have the sense to know that their place is on the floor but pub cats often don’t realise that.
      Animals should never be allowed in the kitchen unless they’re on the menu – and rodents should never ever be allowed on the premises.


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