Yet more Welsh pubs as I close in on Gwent completion; two ancient ones in the heart of Gwent, a surprising county.

I might whine a bit about warm beer, but there’s some unspoilt gems either side of posh Abergavenny and Monmouth.


Every one who reads the Sunday supplements heads for Crickhowell and Hay (after breakfast in Spoons) for a fussy Sunday lunch, leaving the Hunters Moon and Skirrid relatively unscathed.

You can look up the place names yourself.  I’ll only spell them wrong and get scolded by Russ.

Back in 2002 we decided Pantygelli was easier to say that Llanvihangel, and headed to the Crown after work, arriving at 10.45pm after a 4 hour exploration of the A40. The lovely owners rustled up sandwiches, let our toddlers throw darts at the regulars, sold good Bass, and were all-round great hosts.

Quite how we missed the Hunters Moon back then, I’ve no idea.  It’s your archetypal Good Pub Guide entry, even if the Beer Guide has been more equivocal about its prowess over the years.

Isolated church

Some of the narrowest lanes outside south Devon add to the charm of a simple place with stone walls and pub tat.

But you can tell who’s it’s aimed at from the cut of the tables;

Diner alert !

At the bar, I squeeze past the locals settling in for the afternoon.

I really suffer from having to choose cask to get my GBG tick.  Who could resist that Robinsons flagon ?

My best drink of last month, folks

Slightly bored of Wye Valley, I pick the Monty’s.  It’s undrinkable, and I head towards the Gents.  The retired colonel in (English) mustard jacket blocks my way.

Excuse me”   Nothing.

Sorry, can I just”  Nothing.

Charles, can you budge up” asks Mr casualshirtoutoftrousers.

Eventually I just brushed past him, causing him to squeal a bit.  But I made it to the half ditching point just in time.


Microbrews no-one’s heard of or drinks – killing the reputation of cask since 1972.

I’d learnt my lesson ahead of the Skirrid.

10 thoughts on “THE KILLING MOON

  1. “Gwent, a surprising county” – it might have been from when it was formed on 1st April 1974 till when it was abolished on 1st April 1996 but it is no more.
    Maybe it was as unpopular as Greater Stockport or whatever that massive conurbation stretching northwards from the Robinsons Brewery has been called since 1974.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. But would you accept a PC from Greater Manchester Police patrolling your street ?
        Anyway, I remember when that area between Gloucestershire and Wales was a proper county called Monmouthshire and it was part of England – but in 1974 they transferred it to Wales so that Felinfoel Double Dragon could be sold alongside the Draught Bass.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “I’ll only spell them wrong and get scolded by Russ.”

    Either that or I’d make fun of them. 🙂

    “we decided Pantygelli was easier to say”

    See! (LOL)

    “Some of the narrowest lanes outside south Devon”

    Ok that sounds familiar. Stayed with relatives near Abergavenny back in ’81 and I distinctly remember driving to a pub down a lane so narrow they honked at every turn in case anyone was coming the other way. Bloody unnerving that was!

    “It’s undrinkable,”

    Good lord. How many’s that his past week?

    “The retired colonel in (English) mustard jacket ”

    Silly bugger was supposed to be in the dining room with the lead pipe. 🙂

    “I’d learnt my lesson ahead of the Skirrid.”

    We shall see dear boy. 😉



    1. “Damn, too slow with the Cluedo gag opportunity dangling there… beaten to it by a Canadian in the outback with a laptop.”

      You have to get up 8 hours earlier than me (due to time zones). LOL

      With regards to outback and laptop; we prefer tundra up here in the hinterlands, and I gave up on my laptop after getting a smart phone, so it’s el cheapo desktop combo for me. 🙂


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