Ayr is a funny old place. Wonderful beaches, classic bridges,


historic architecture,

The Citadel

and some of the shabbiest streets outside Carluke.

Some really smart streets south of town toward the old racecourse though, with a couple of genteel hotels in the Beer Guide for those with the energy for a walk down Racecourse Rd. Mrs RM opted to stay in the rumbustious Spoons, a wise choice.

This stretch of town is akin to Birkdale in Southport, all trees and scones and golf britches and beauty parlours.

Juney Shoo is a great name for a Shoreditch bar, of course.

Juney Shoo

I’m sure the Abbotsford Hotel should have been expecting my visit, but there was no official welcome at the door so I set off to nosey round the bar.


You may find your enjoyment of these images affected by my reflection. Bear with it.





Yes, a treat for afficionados of pub mirrors and Andy Capp cartoons, but not for lovers of banter.

With supper over by 8pm, I was all alone until management dispatched the uniformed hotel staff to attend to my peculiar needs. A half of Jarl in this case.


Copper topped tables, plush red bench seating, grapefruit edge to the Jarl, Simply Red and Genesis keeping you firmly in 1987.

Worth the £1.85 as entry to a museum piece, if not worthy of a GBG place.


And of course, that ultimate sign of refinement and gentility…


15 thoughts on “AYRS AND GRACES

  1. I wonder if the Juney Shoo boutique is also a purveyor of ladies’ undergarments.
    Ayr on a G String anyone ?


      1. Possibly with the Crimean War taking place from 1853 to 1856 which was over twenty years after John Young founded his brewery about 1830 in Musselburgh.
        But as the brewery was taken over by Whitbread in in 1968 it could have been either of the World Wars, most likely the First.


  2. “I’m sure the Abbotsford Hotel should have been expecting my visit,”

    I’m beginning to understand why the province I live in is called ‘British’ Columbia. We have an Abbotsford, Richmond, Victoria, Surrey, Prince George and Prince Rupert to name just a few. 🙂

    “You may find your enjoyment of these images affected by my reflection. Bear with it.”

    I could have sworn that was you looking like William Younger in the second photo. 😉

    “And of course, that ultimate sign of refinement and gentility…”

    Gentility? Then why is the beginning stroke of the letter ‘b’ in Bass sticking up your nose. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Fuengirola. Lots of pubs with beermats but just lager. A bit like East Birmingham really apart from the sun and sea of course! Lots of Bass livery though…apparently some bloke from Leeds has been flogging it cut price from his secret collection at home…


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