Once we get back from Ayr (if we’re not burnt to a crisp as we re-enter England), I need to add some tags, as youngsters call them, to recent posts.

Worryingly, the most common tags will be “closed pub” “Ugh !” and “outside loos“.

At least the last of those are always a joy, and Pubmeister had set the scene for my next tick perfectly in his own post.


Quite how the New Inn has managed to evade the Beer Guide, and therefore Duncan and I until now is a bit of a mystery.

But Hadlow Down is a bit of a mystery itself, tucked away in the Weald just far enough from my in-laws and the hipsters on the coast.

Lost in a forest

It’s a “Five go camping” sort of place, say my exemplary but short notes, which will mean something to someone.

Pub ahead

Commuter land, apparently; example commute time is 2hr36 into Bethnal Green Cereal Cafe if that’s where folk work.

The New Inn has the now classic 6pm opening time, so I thought long and hard about appearing too keen by creeping in an open door at 5.45 p.m.

But BRAPA would, and we are all BRAPA.


This is a simpler version of Newton’s Queen’s Head (no food here except crisps and nuts) and close in feel to similar late GBG bloomer the Queen’s Arms in Cowden Pound. What is it with Queens ?

Anyway, this was a wow pub, even as the first person in.

Yummy head

Anyone not choosing the Sussex here is a bit daft, apart from the bloke after me of course.

Go for Sussex

Proof I got in early below. Perhaps I drank that pint a bit quick, but NBSS 4 beer goes down fast (FACT). The best Harvey’s outside of Hailsham.

Pub life

We chatted about the Cambridge bumps (worse than it sounds), weird folk in T’Wells, and pub life, a pub in a small commuter village surviving on booze. In 2018.

I asked if I could explore the rest of the pub, like Duncan had. It took me all of 30 seconds. Worth every one of them.

Piano ready for Tuesday night Aqualung singalong

Obviously I spent a bit longer in the loo.

The outside Gents

If Mr Coe still produced his list of “Basic, Unspoilt, Classic Pubs”, this would be Number 3.


  1. Wow that exterior is a real stunner– haven’t seen many as nice as that.

    I chuckled at “Piano ready for Tuesday night Aqualung singalong.” I do enjoy a good Aqualung song. Poor guy, I thought he was going to have a bigger career than what he got.

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  2. I’ve rarely hesitate about “appearing too keen by creeping in an open door at 5.45 p.m.”.
    Once, and I can’t remember where, the conversation went something like
    “We don’t open until 6”
    “Oh, well is there any chance of a pint while I’m waiting ?”
    “Er, yes, I don’t see why not”

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    1. Yes, very well-matched. Think the landlord only took it on few years ago; be interested to know if beer quality was an issue beforehand or former owner didn’t want to be in the GBG (as with Cowden Pound).

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    1. Situated between Buxted and Mayfield I don’t think there was ever a proper railway nearby.
      The pub was rebuilt in 1885 by the Southdown & East Grinstead Brewing Company which was acquired by Tamplins of Brighton in 1923 so was probably under the ownership of Watney Mann from 1953.

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  3. Now young Martin I have a favour to ask of your august organ.
    Do any of your millions of readers have any experience of Mijas in Spain and its environs and notably anywhere someone can get a decent beer that isn’t John Smith Smooth ?
    Asking for a friend shortly heading off on his hols.
    Ta muchly.


      1. Saw that one on my Googling – not much more than a Facebook page and no bar unfortunately.
        Was rather hoping your readers might have a personal fave but never mind – it’ll just have to be margaritas by the pool.


      1. Does that make me Greenwoods then?

        Incidentally, I saw a bloke of about my own age today wearing a Jethro Tull T-shirt.

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      2. Yes, I think there’s renewed interest in the English agricultural pioneer from Berkshire who helped bring about the British Agricultural Revolution and perfected a horse-drawn seed drill in 1700 that economically sowed the seeds in neat rows.

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  4. Yes, “Harvey’s is such a distinctive beer”, my favourite.
    I think their IPA is the Sussex Pale Ale renamed.


  5. “Pub ahead”

    Looks a bit like the walk we take over here; but sadly, no pub at the halfway mark. 😦

    “Go for Sussex”

    Paul would agree. 🙂

    “this would be Number 3.”

    Certainly looks a beaut. (thumbs up)


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  6. Hello there, sorry I missed this….2 whole years ago – I was planning on blogging about National Inventory pubs I had gone to previously or regularly and what lay in store for them now pubs are reopening during the virus. Alas am going to be a while due to access to Blogger issues but in the meantime I wanted to say how very much I enjoyed both this pub and your write up. I went with WF and my chum Mr P in 2009 on our trip around Kent and then back oop norf to Sheffield and having not checked the opening times we found a bloke down teh cellar with the hatch open. We asked him when they opened – it was in about an hour’s time, and I did point out that we were really desperate to pop in. As he was explaining when the landlord would return he did, and despite being a way off opening he let usgin and we all had excellent pints and possibly crisp. Come to think of it I recall the till wasn’t working or similar so we had to cobble together the exact change to pay, and managed it! Alas I have never made it back, as it would have to be on public transport now, but am so glad to find that it’s still open. cheers! Wee Beefy

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