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After the darkness, comes the dawn. A week after a shut pub and a traumatising derby defeat, City get to win the League at Old Trafford tonight, in front of a “full house” of United fans. I can’t let that pass.

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Typical Stretford Fan

So Wigan can say they beat the Champions this year, and Raheem Sterling, the greatest player of his generation, has as many Premierships as Leicester (i.e. one more than Liverpool).

Sadly, I couldn’t be in the Port Street Tavern or the Magnet to celebrate, so I had to make do with a trip to the newest craft beer bar in Cambridge.


Thirsty has just gone from innovative off-licence with trestle tables to proper bar with a wall of keg taps and a Dulwich-style makeover. Plus food carts and live music.

Cambridge goes craft
Street art in a bar

I’d already popped in for a pint of Cloudwater DIPA, but this was Mrs RM’s initiation into the world of serious Cambridge beer sipping, accompanied by half of Chesterton.

Everyone’s much younger than us” she shouted.  That’s because we’re old dear.

Cambridge 25-35

It felt like a return to the Winchester of Overdraft, except that the street food was South African and the music live rather than jumpy LPs. And there were toddlers crawling under your trestle table.

Thrillingly, the covers band “Inna Lights” (I kid you not) thrilled Mrs RM with an Oz medley comprising Natlalie Imbruglia’s Torn and the themes from Neighbours and Home and Away. Celebrating title wins gets no better than this.

Bobotie – banana on top
This is really happening folks

We shared four schooners of beers called things like “Slap Yourself Silly“, “Small Vic“, and “Morrello, is it me you’re looking for“. Pub Curmudgeon will already have identified the breweries as Cloudwater (which unlike United is from Manchester), Mikkeller, and To øl. There’s no cask beer. I only had to sell one son to pay for them (all by card).

Mikkeller head brewer tour dates on Tee
Proper beer

Better get used to these sort of reports; it’ll be all keg bars in the GBG after the CAMRA AGM.





  1. There is no brewery called “To ol”. It is “To øl” (Danish for “two beers”) – this is a proper Danish brewery that understands the distinction between “o” and “ø”, unlike some other nominally Danish brewery (“expørt” .. pffft). This is of course completely different from the hipster bar in Shibuya, Tokyo called “Øl” – that one is Norwegian.


      1. Martin, if you are using Microsoft Word, there is a function which allows you to import a whole range of symbols, including Ø, ø or ö. Worth remembering in case you need to keep your Danish readers happy in future!

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  2. ” City get to win the League at Old Trafford tonight, in front of a “full house” of United fans. ”

    Congrats! (especially as my brother-in-law is a huge Man U fan, and a bit of a nob). 🙂

    “Street art in a bar”

    Looks like something out of Amsterdam, or Curaçao. 😉

    “Cambridge 25-35”

    Have they never heard of colourful clothing?

    “We shared four schooners of beers”

    I thought schooner was an Aussie term for a beer glass size?

    “I only had to sell one son to pay for them (all by card).”

    Six quid? Blimey.

    “Mikkeller head brewer tour dates on Tee”

    When did Tyler, the Creator change their name? 😉

    “Proper beer”

    And a nice glass. 🙂



      1. I’ve just noticed the “Welcome to the Den”. So you’re actually a Millwall fan who is only glory hunting with claims to Man City fandom, shame on you….
        Why on earth would any “craft” bar want to advertise such a thing? Is the place owned by an ex F trooper? Has the St Radegund been taken over by the Inter City Firm yet?

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      2. See, that’s the long term planning we’ve come to expect from you.
        Bermondsey is mainly tap rooms though, isn’t it? So only open on Saturdays, which is the day of the week that Premiership teams are virtually banned from playing on. God alone knows the state you could get in doing the Beer Mile prior to a game.
        How many breweries could you do on a Saturday prior to a theoretical Man City home game?

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  3. I loved the “that’s because we’re old, dear” line. It’s not that we’re old, it’s that these other people are going around being to be far too young– the audacity!

    My first experience of Mikkeller was just a few weeks back, when I went to one in San Francisco. Very dimly lit, windowless bar area, and hardly any customers, around noontime. Then I went back in the late evening and it was absolutely jam packed. Wonder if I’d have had an entirely different experience visiting one in London.

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    1. Oddly Mikkeller don’t have a bar as such yet, their beers just tip up randomly in the specialist beer bars around London/Man/Leeds and now Cambridge.

      I visited the Pubmeister (Duncan) at the Mikkeller tapin Copenhagen last year. THAT’s worth a visit.

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  4. “And there were toddlers crawling under your trestle table” because what looks like brightly coloured scribble on the wall hadn’t succeeded in distracting them.
    In two pubs I used last weekend there were more dogs than children and that I thought was a sign of a good pubs, and with hardly a bark between them our canine friends were a lot quieter.
    That’s where high street barns have lost the plot, children permitted, so long as they don’t drink alcohol, but not dogs. .

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    1. I will never forget Sunderland fans serenading Utd with “Blue Moon” on 13/5/12, or the joy they gave us winning that league cup semi.

      Veinte Besos was a competent full back, better than Micah Richards at SoL back on that night in 2013,anyway.

      Anyway, come back soon. I never seemed to have any problems getting tickets for Sun’land away, and it’s a great pub city, oddly enough.

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      1. Lol, is this response a sort of subtle obtuseness? If so it’s really clever! Veinte Besos is Spanish for Twenty Kisses or 20x or Twenty Times. As you may now be able to guess , I am not from Sunderland.

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  5. I have never heard of Mikkellla and have never had a drink of Cloudwater and never will.
    No wonder everybody looks miserable sitting on crap trestle seating and drinking overpriced murky crap.
    If i was asked to pay by card, which i never carry round with me, i would have told them to stick their crap craft bar where the sun does not shine.

    I should have included crap craft bars on my list of pub types,they would come in bottom at 101,a park bench or bus shelter would come way above them.

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  6. “So Wigan can say they beat the Champions this year…”
    Whereas in most seasons, Wigan Athletic can only say that they beat plain old Manchester City.

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  7. It was the Cup-Winners’ Cup holders versus the Champions of the Northern Premier League.
    FA Cup Third Round.
    Goal can be found on YouTube.
    Not too keen on Cloudwater myself. “Goalkeeper’s split boot” sounds like a Northampton beer to me, probably dark and twiggy.


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