I take a short break from “Midsomer Murders* land” to give you an instant review of the last pub I went in.  Possibly the last pub I’ll ever go to if I have the Little Earth Project 10.5% Stock Ale again.

Be careful of that Little Earth

This was the Rutland Arms, the last pub of an afternoon with the legends that are Roger Protz, BRAPA and Beer Leeds.

Rutland Arms.PNG
Strategically situated Rutland Arms

With Mr Protz, Si and the gobby Yorkie for company, it wasn’t really a day for taking notes. Roger had a train to catch and unfortuantely missed the Rutland, so this is mainly a photographic record.

As you’ll see from the WhatPub extract, the Rutland is strategically located between the station, Primark and Hallam Uni.  Although my son is studying at The Other University, I’m on best behaviour and won’t make any comments about the Hallam’s proximity to the Genting Casino.  Not this time, anyway.

Richard is too polite to mention it, but if BRAPA had been in blogging mode he’d tell you I tripped up Grinders Hill, again nothing to with the Genting club, or the five pints beforehand, but because of the distracting street art.

Your fault mate

My only previous visit to the Rutland, about 15 years ago, came on a Friday night when I also tripped up crossing West Street while attempting to beat last orders at the Red Deer.  The “Battle of Blooded Knee” which I won by 2 minutes.

The Rutland has hung around in the Beer Guide along with all the other pubs with Cat, Devonshire and Red in their title, and apparently got even better.

Where else at 6pm

For the first time since the gigs in Halifax Minster, we were met with God Beer. Perhaps a measure of their self-confidence here.

God beer

I believe Richard will have some “proper” photos from the Rutland, which I can best describe as a Undergrad version of the Cambridge Blue.  That may offend or thrill Jethro at the Blue.

A backstreet local close to the city centre, with that mix of old and young (over 18, he adds hurriedly) that you want in a pub at 6pm.

Sheffield folk.  Salt of the earth.  Not like Leeds

Very Sheffield, and weird in parts (see top), but a balanced line-up of cask and Evil keg and, of course, a full range of Monster Munch.

Monster Munch rating NMMS 3.5

We all went for the Tiny Rebel (I think).

Importantly, I had the third one pulled.  Simon reckoned his was as good as I did (NBSS 4+), so I think I can be sure it wasn’t first out the barrel that day.


But forget the beer, which was great. Just as Simon (no ticks today) Everitt left to catch his train they started playing this tune;

Yes, the official Man City song.  To stop me singing the line about Phil Jones, I struck up a conversation with the chap who looked like Andy Carroll.

Watch out Andy there’s a weird bloke approaching

Wazzatt you drinking mate ?”

“To Øl ” said a relieved Andy.

I persuaded Richard to share an expensive but exotic nightcap, only to find the To Øl was going to be a 2.8% sour lemonade shandy.

Evil Keg Board

If you’re keen you can read what the keg beers were on the board below the Monster Munch.  In honour of Mrs RM, I went for the strongest one.  I never learn.

Despite Little Earth coming from Sudbury, it was astonishing (and sour).  If Richard can remember it I’m sure he’ll tell you more.  I left him with a can of proper train beer (seen below being coveted by Roger).



*Yes I know it’s supposed to be set in Somerset, but humour me.

13 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – RUTLAND ARMS, SHEFFIELD

    1. Thanks . That’s a question for the grateful recipient (R. Coldwell Esq) – I’ll ask him. I would have got him Tetley but they wouldn’t split a four pack and I’m not that generous.


  1. “while attempting to beat last orders at the Red Deer. The “Battle of Blooded Knee” which I won by 2 minutes.”

    There’s a town called Red Deer halfway between Edmonton and Calgary out here in the wild west of Alberta. So naturally when I saw “Blooded Knee” all I could think of was a victory over the ‘locals’* over 100 years ago. 😉

    And a night out with those three? Very cool. 👍


    * – Indians (feather, not dot) 😎

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  2. The can of Stones is now in the fridge at ours! I can verify that Roger did not partake of one drop, although I did catch him looking at it longingly a few times. Top pub The Rutland Arms, top beer, the Tiny Rebel ‘Compton Cricket Club’ was above NBSS 4. The pub was good, the customers select. The only thing was, Mr Protz had sensibly returned to London before it got messy and left me looking looking after a right couple of pub ticking tossers! Cheers Roger.

    PS Martin’s dive up the stairs was quite spectacular!

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  3. I’m not sure a leering Ainsley Harriott is what I’d be wanting to look at while supping my pint.But if you were as pissed as you say you were then I don’t suppose it mattered !

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